Learning to comprehend our Soul as Controlling Factor – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

Being adults and then looking back into the past we are able to recognize that so many experiences of the past have disappeared and are not present any more. We forgot about them or suppressed them. In case of bad or deep cut experiences we are being protected by our sub consciousness to avoid getting connected and confronted to those thoughts again and again. Otherwise we could not well continue with our life. But it might happen nevertheless that these things resp. experiences are being revived in our memories but we may not relate to them in any way as they are being presented to us without any context.

Science attempts to explain how our brain is functioning and these attempts have led to its many assumptions which later on will find their confirmation but in most of the cases they be confirmed 100 percent.

Just let us imagine I am one of those scientists playing with new concepts and ideas since experiments have demonstrated that memories could be brought up intentionally so that they may be elaborated and then in the course may be healed. Some experiment showed me that there is some sort of pattern how these memories are being presented to the consciousness. As this experiment is being discussed among experts in some controversial manner there is no consent to be found in all their theories and assumptions having been published by me.

All these theoretical thoughts and experiments are now without any observation because the experts have not succeeded to arrive at comparable results. It is why they have not observed the procedures with an alike optic which is my way of seeing. As a consequence thereof they have not experimented in some alike way. Their mind is fully occupied of the idea that everything has to be confirmed and proved according an alike norm.

Let us assume that I have been deceased long ago and a young scientist or a female scientist are a big fan of my work and goes deep into the results which I have elaborated in many years. While he or she comes to the conclusion that my results contain part of the truth which they may perceive intuitively and fully conscientiously. And within very short time they succeed to convince their followers and experts of the new science. Those results which was not accepted years ago now turns to become to the world sensational. The long ago deceased scientist is being honored with the Nobel-Price and his daughter may accept this price in honor of her father.

In this way or like this could run this story and you ask yourselves very truly what I wanted to explain with this story and here is the answer to it.

Mankind is being led by our beliefs and imaginations of the society and greatly influenced also. We are being confronted already in early childhood. This modulation of thoughts or conditioning makes us staying on the level of our parent’s minds until we grow up and become self-sufficient in order to go through our own experiences. All parental knowledge traded to us from them remains deeply hidden in us and that is why we still doubt our own experiences. These first memories having taken up as deep truths from our parents and these truths may not be erased like a blink of an eye from today to tomorrow. They are deeply rooted in us and the new knowledge cannot do or effect anything to transcribe everything.

Our consciousness is built as a complex element of our personality and is more influenced by our sub consciousness as scientist of all the world are aware of. Years will pass by until this fact will be approved by science: that everything is originated by our sub consciousness or soul which we are able to be aware of consciously in our life. Also you just reading these lines will doubt these sayings now and also some years later you will recognize that this is true. Truth does not become truth by me or any else other person but it is originated by yourself. Only you alone defines and decides which is your truth. No-one but you is able to do for you and only you is able to recognize and acknowledge that these words are completely true and nobody in the world may convince you that this is so.

Truth may be sensed for truth is not originated in the brain. Truth is an offspring from the inner heart, the soul, the sub consciousness and may name it how you want to.

Let us assume that you believe my sayings. What kind of feeling do you sense now when you know that your sub consciousness, your soul, or your heart is responsible for all which you learn and experience being a human? Certainly you will have heard of the divine plan being completely faultless. All which is passing in our life’s is an offspring from a much greater plan to which our human plan is subordinated. Many of those reading this text  may be in accord to this saying because it is getting clearer all the more that this is so since otherwise many events or experiences could not happen on earth. Everything has been planned and decided in advance so that we humans may mutually and together go through our lessons and experiences. Let us assume you really believe this fact and you repeat with this inner knowledge your reading here – then you will get aware of this fact as true – it must be like this – for otherwise it would be impossible to design our life in such way as if we were holding ourselves all threads in our hands.

On the other hand may our soul influence everything in our life so far so that we may make our experiences while on earth. Each soul collaborates with other souls and agreements with each other are being coordinated and influenced by those higher selves in some upper dimension in respective ways to ours. Everything necessary is being received from its Higher Self by the soul if is the matter to influence and correct certain events in a positive way. Everything is necessary so that we humans may have our experiences on earth and thus may recognize that we have to tolerate our life and in no way are controlling it. It is our soul doing this for us.

This may frighten the one or the other in some way a little but I can assure you that this must not be so. We have already gone through these experience for quite a while ago and we shall do so henceforth as co-pilot of our life for some time until we get aware of facts of life and recognize to acknowledge more and more of therefrom how we ourselves may and can influence our life in a positive manner.

Our Soul attempts to express these facts in most various ways.  But is not always possible for our soul to make this clear to us so that we may recognize it. It will be much simpler nowadays since energies are swinging to such height that it is easy for our consciousness to comprehend and integrate all that. All energies supporting our consciousness to comprehend and approve this knowledge are aiming that we may grow in a fast way. Not into some height but in spirit growing and recognizing. This growing of souls explains that process that our soul may recognize that human consciousness of the Avatar in which soul is inlaid resp. incarnated has reached another new milestone. This recognizing is very essential for our soul since the soul may recognize the next step or lesson in this progress may be started. It is joy which tour soul senses and with it its Higher Self and the soul`s mentor are rejoicing and all the spiritual world generally.  Each growth of Souls is expressed in its consequences on the collective level since each soul is connected to All-There-Is. No-one is growing on its own alone. All are growing mutually and are supporting each other in this process of Soul-growth.

We are now arriving to the conclusion of this little composition.

Mankind may hope! Mankind may recognize and win there from what it means to wake up. We humans are so apt to believe more what others believe than themselves. It is up to the inner guideline of the human decisively in the coming months and years if it will be the matter to get aware of one`s own way and to feel about it. The mind resp. the consciousness will more and more dive into the background as the heart will take over the command and control. Naturally the consciousness will remain the wall of projection of the sub consciousness but this latter fact will nobody believe me.


The cosmic messenger pigeon


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