Inspirations 21 – 30

# 21 – To let go

It is not so easy to let go of something since it means to give it up altogether. Still, to let go may also mean to gain something. Since if you let go of something you will be able again to receive something in return.

Matters you have given up will leave an empty space which might be refilled and occupied again. There is not anything belonging to you since it always has been lend to you in order to enable you to make your experience thereof.

Once you have understood what these experiences are all about you will own them for good and never you have to let go of them again as they will be always something you may enjoy yourself and take delight in them again.


# 22 – Death – Omega and Alpha (The End and Beginning)

Death as such has – until now – never been understood in its right way. Death is the end and also the beginning – concluding something so that another something may begin anew.

Whoever is comprehending this fact will recognize that death is but one step in which the body may let go of its envelope. It is the envelope in which the soul sojourns and which is giving up its function here since it has fulfilled its function here and may be returned to earth again.

Regarding the soul … at this point it will start its journey home and later from there it will go forward for another challenge to cope with.


# 23 -Your soul is the eternal part of you

There is something about human soul which so many humans have tried invain to explain. Human souls comprise manyfold things but not what human minds and heart are able to fully comprehend. It is much more and being capable of doing much more than is presumed at all.

Solely those having perceived human soul in its true and pure beauty will be able to imagine what is the real essence of souls. It is the eternal part of all of us. And it is the part where all life-experience gone through are being stored eternally. It is the part which bears all experiences and each single one of it may be made accessible too – under the pre-requisite that there is some capability of accepting this fact.

It is the soul always able to make some new experience which it also will do. There are no boundaries nor limitations to any soul neither in space nor in time. The soul – as it is – is infinite and has been in such state since its birth with its Creator.


# 24 – All about Soul-Energy

Pure Energy this is the soul in its pure essence. It is an energy of Love, the energy of our Creator of All-There-Is. This is an inexhaustible energy and may overcome Space and time.

It is only by its energy that a soul may present its true beauty. And solely this energy may be able to establish some connection between two souls and solely it is this kind of energy of the soul which makes the soul wander beyond time and space and in a floating way.

There are no limitations to such energy of the soul. There are no barriers lest for those having been set for your very own soul. Become aware that the energy of your soul can never die – become aware that with this energy of your soul everything may be overcome by it – in which way you will understand that also this applies to you : You are an entity without any limitation and boundary whatsoever! You are somebody going through some spiritual experience in a human body!


# 25 – All about Friendship

There is no need to explain anything when it comes to true friendship! Since with true friendship you do not need any words to strengthen its contents.

Whoever looks upon friendship as the matter one needs will become aware that friendship may not be bought nor be obtained in a fast and quick way.

Friendship will occur always by some continuously taking and giving on either part.


# 26 – Signals of Time

To become aware consciously of time and its signals will help and be of great assistance on your way through life.

There are again and again so many cross-overs for us to pass where we have to go through some sort of decision. And always again one is so pathological in trying to find out which is the very best road to take further forward overlooking some simple and easy method of decision: „Just listen to what your gut-feeling will tell you and you would know which way to follow accordingly to it.

When will you start to listening to your very gut-feeling?


# 27 – Acknowledge that you are great and you will know that you are an eternal being

When did you think to pad yourself on your very shoulder? You do not remember this moment? How should you since this has been so long ago?

Just permit yourself to note that you may pad yourself on your shoulder too! Since when you consciously go through such activity of self-acknowledgement accepting your true greatness you also will accept the very fact that you are much more than others may want you to believe.

There is no description whatever in this language to express your true greatness. And there is about it so much more than words may describe it. There also is much more at stake than you may be able normally to imagine at all.

When you wake up – and I really mean – when you truly awake – you will note for the first time in your life which is the true greatness of yours.


# 28 – Water is the Elixir of Life

Water is everywhere – water is ever present and only one is not able to see and perceive it does not mean that it does not exist at all.

Water is permanently accompanying us since it is some huge part of our body. It is that very part of our body that enables us to acknowledge and notice that water is part of us and again we are part of it too.

Unfortunately nobody – until now – has been able to understand this very fact. And since water is being linked as an entire whole we thus are also linked to each other. This conjunction to each other will assist us greatly to comprehend fully that all waters on earth –  be it in oceans – be it in lakes – or be it in human bodies – are linked to each other.

Now, what do I want to express herewith? If one is linked to all of the above – one should reconsider the way one is dealing with water as it is some inseparable part of us. Knowing about it will not suffice in some right way to understand fully its meaning. Knowing solely about it will surpass comprehension of it as it is a challenge to our entire system to take it in into our hearts in order to comprehend it completely.

Whoever wants to think about above thoughts has already comprehended that each of us is some inseparable part of everything – be it in this case water or something else.

Everything is linked to each other. Look out for this very link and you will be in touch and connection to All-There-Is.


# 29 – To understand wholly oneself

Who am I – what am I? Certainly everyone once has questioned oneself in such way.

Why does someone questions oneself if all the responses to it are already in him/herself hidden?

All who have noticed that all responses to „Who and what am I?“ are to be found in themselves will lead to the acknowledgement that no longer one has to go on search to retrieve the response to it.

Now we arrive at the next question: „how do I reach that very information?“ And the response to such question is even more simple !

You may first have to learn to listen in the exact way – learning also to understand it in some rightful kind – becoming aware of the stillness within yourself and when having reached the very point of stillness you will be able to listen also to the sublime tones of noise within.

Since it is these fine tones which reveal who and what you are really and thus this former secret ceases to be such a secret any more.


# 30 – Guidance – and what it is?

Guidance – this very expression is being understand in some false way by everybody.

Guidance does not mean to exert one’s influence. It also does not mean in the context of earning money. And neither does it mean to lead other human people to where they are unable to become aware of themselves not recognizing who and what they truly are.

To guide in its true meaning is to take other people’s hands and give them the secure feeling that they may reach and arrive at their very target on their very own.



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