10 – Going on a Journey – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodPlanning a Journey will always entail thinking about everything to be taken with oneself. However, if one does not know where this journey will go to – it is most likely that one does not take the rightful matters on this journey and later on has to find out at the spot of destination that wrong matters have been taken on this journey.

What do I mean with this expression in respect of the subject: „Travelling – Journeying?“ and how is it linked to this very subject?



09 – Those who acknowledge their true greatness – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodOne taking true note of his very own true greatness must have gone a long long way.

Such are the sayings which may be found in books. Every Guru – be he so well known for his reputation whatever – he had to go his very path. It is secondary whether he may carry this title or the designation „Guru“ rightfully so that we may leave this well beyond any consideration here.

Let us take it for granted that everyone has to proceed along his/her very personal-individual road in order to acquire true greatness. This very road may never-ever be comparable to anyone else’s way since there is a very personal way of life for everybody human here. And this is the very way to proceed along!

Manyfold experience has been passed through by the soul of some human being since it would not have been possible to incarnate for it here on Earth at the Time of Ascension in the Now! Only those fully tested by our all Creator and likewise fully experienced have been allowed by Him to incarnate here – since all Seats in the first Row have been limited and still are! Everybody wants to go through this way of learning and wants to take seats in the front row when the bell tolls for starting the mastership.


08 – Strong Belief will shift Mountains and will be supported by Willpower – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodIt is being said that strong belief will shift mountains – yet what is the use of such mountains being so huge and powerful – and when we are not really aware of whether being able to do such a thing at all?

Where there is some willed strong wishing – there will show up some way to do so too. If however willpower will not suffice to apply with such ado some activity or to master some issue – or to direct something else even into some certain direction?

Here I have two introductory statements which are to be scrutinized in a more exact way.

What may be the target of this little discourse here? Well, please pose this question to yourselves too since in your inner core you are already well aware of its answer. Just as with me – there will be an unfolding in yourselves of manifold ideas, approaches, conceptions or comparable results which may help us to elucidate the whole matter which I have introduced here.


07 – Just to believe solely will not suffice – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodAlways again one arrives at the border of one’s mind and justified is the question then: „What is it that I shall do here now – I don’t know how I shall proceed onward from here too?“

Never give in into some sort of pressure and from the inner stillness and peace of mind you will notice quite well when pressure will be exerted on to you from the outside. Pressure from the outside is merely some assistance for us in order to reach out for our inner center too.

If one may regarded from the outside only it appears that some pressure originates from some basic illusion. The latter is to demonstrate only what is meant when such pressure from the outside is being defied to.

Standing up against some matter has nothing to do with fighting it but has a complete different purpose namely that pressure is only some reflection to some basic acknowledgement necessary to be defied at once on its first appearance since thus dissolution thereof may be possible.


06 – In the Beginning there was only Fire – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodWhat exactly has been written?  Was it Fire, Light or Word?

Considering it today this saying plays some key-role however it does not matter whether it was Fire, Word, or the light!

All-that-is originates from one and the same source and that is correct and right in every sense of it. Since everything is based on what is being told us about Genesis i.e. the History of Creation, which we all have gone through resp. experienced ourselves.

There have been added so many more and new aspects to the Genesis history so that Human Mankind has missed the chance to comprehend and integrate everything of it. Many a matter we unlearned, forgot or misplaced and estimated it as not valuable enough for some noteworthy consideration. Such misplacement of evaluation is being based on the very fact that many human people are under such a strong influence of society rules and do not care to establish their very own viewpoints and opinions.


05 – There where a rising day bids its welcome – miracles may happen too – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodAll days start for us when one is waking up – this I mentioned before already in a previous message. However you did not notice it in detail because the title led you „up the Garden Path“.

Now, why did I not choose that title so that everybody could adjust oneself to it resp. notice duly that there was some valuable read therein?

It is easy to respond to this very question. Do step forward – for only once – so that we may recognize that you are all set for it.

Never pass on any judgment whatsoever – and you will experience miracles. If you judge about some title – thus missing the contents of the script titled – you very consciously entered some cycle too. This very cycle is all about to recognize that estimating and valuing some matter or even human being may lead you to perhaps missing some great chance or even do so in time to come.


04 – With each and every new day starting – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodEach new day – experienced by you – is alike some new cycle starting afresh … And this very cycle starts always with the waking up in the morning and also comes to some final end with falling asleep in the evening.

Everything in our entire universe is imbedded in cycles. And all these cycles are combined to each other in such powerful interaction resulting that they rely largely on each other too. Reliance is in such sense that each cycle will depend on the very previous one. Now, I do not mean that if you awake in the morning this will influence decisively the cycle of the universe. Yet what I am convinced of is that it will supply some small part to it so that certain matters may be changed and influenced to go into some certain direction there too.

How and in what way may this piece of Information be transformed into some utilizable and processed function?