Inspirations 41 – 50

# 41 – To dominate some situation

Only who is aware of the fact that it is impossible to acknowledge some situation as being inacceptable altogether –

will eventually understand that situations may also be adapt themselves to the person concerned. This sort of adaption will be effected if one becomes aware of the fact that impossibly some situation may react dynamically which entails some challenge to the person involved. And such challenge is e.g. that this situation may be dominated by the one concerned and not vice versa !


# 42 –  Courage and Heart

It is said that  much courage and much heart powers are needed to achieve some great performance. This is fact actually still many do not comprehend that the decisive part in such actions is being played by our heart ! Especially when it comes to oversee and acknowledge some particular situation. If one is prepared to listen to one’s Heart’s sayings …the heart always knows what has to be gone through – from all respects.

The human heart and its powers has  never been researched and cultivated so far – as it has been shoven into the extremely utmost far corners of all Esoteric Learning. If, however, it is being recognized that such aspects may be applied and educated as well cultivated too , believe me – miracles will come to be seen in subsequence to it.


# 43 –  Right or Wrong ?

Everything indicated as right or wrong – will be valid only until one becomes aware of his/her very actual situation. Once such situation has been cleared consciously another particular fact related to it will show up. Far apart from expressing it as right or wrong these indications will turn into some interpretation of their contents quite different from the original ones.

So what  do we may learn from this situation ? That it is not really the matter of being right nor wrong yet the steps resulting from this experience what one will make out of it subsequently regarding onward living.


# 44 – How to progress on your spiritual way

If one wants to learn a new lesson it always goes with the perception

Without accepting and integrating a newly learned lesson deep inside of oneself it will not be possible to take up at all any essence of a new lesson.

Accepting and integrating entirely all that has been learned will enable us to make a steep and huge step forward. This is the very one that is needed to proceed forward on our spiritual way.



# 45 – Become aware of your very own path

Without knowing to what kind of level one has arrived – one will never become aware of his/her actual where about. Since without knowing his/her where about it will not be possible to see which turn of one’s way will be the right one to choose.

If, however,  someone finds out that each and every way for one will be always just the right one – this will produce actually awareness that there always is some particular remaining opening showing up: knowing one has to choose some certain particular road to proceed on … but in the middle of it gaining the knowledge that it is the wrong one altogether.


# 46 – Doubting

Wherever some route may lead you to – there is always some way which makes one doubt seriously.

Doubts have but one reason: to remind us always to inquire your very own heart where to pass through.


# 47 – Becoming aware of one’s road direction

Without knowing one cannot be aware of however what is coming. If however one learns it is not imperative to gain such knowledge since one may chose the very right turn once this stage has been reached.

Knowledge will be at hand once it is needed. Those who comprehend and trust in such facts will always be in the „Know“ and this is immensely reassuring.


# 48 – If one goes on a journey

Setting about some journey should prepare it properly.

This is quite well known as some German Proverb and will demonstrate that some appropriate preparation is vital for those when about to start travelling.

Now, when using this for some lesson to learn in life what would this mean?  Preparation entails that a good one everything might be achieved in life. And what may look such a good preparation be like ?

It is a good one in such case if one knows about and has experienced all contingencies in life. This however may not be possible at all since life has much more turnings and challenges than our experience may match.

This is most essential to comprehend that one may prepare oneself adequately but there will never exist some patent prescription for preparing oneself adequately.

All you may avail yourself of is believing in yourself and to comprehend that your inner compass will always tell you in which direction to go.



# 49 – Guidance from Inside and Outside

There is some prominent difference between guidance from inside and outside namely that all guidance from the outside always is externally determined and controlled.

I mean hereby that guidance from the outside will always be aligned in order to achieve secondary targets – while guidance from the inside always will be directed to achieve primary targets which are those making one grow in the true sense of it.


# 50 – Arrival and Departure

Wherever one goes to – wherever one arrives – it is always the same song. Only having arrived one becomes aware of being compelled to proceed on.

Changing permanently between arriving and departing keeps you in good humor and trotting on – it also enables you to know that you always are on the road ….



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