Expand consciousness and what will come – the cosmic messenger pigeon

In the last few days I have been confronted with the topic of consciousness. There are countless books, YouTube videos and channelings that deal with the topic of consciousness and consciousness expansion. What I should be able to add is because a legitimate question and you will be able to answer it yourself at the end of my contribution.

Let us assume that we understand only a part of what is presented to us in our daily consciousness. The daily consciousness is the part that helps us to live and perceive our life. In comparison to the subconscious, daily consciousness is the part that is occupied with all filters of everyday life. Filters are, for example, that collective knowledge and collective faith which conditions us, opinions about ourselves and about the environment or the people, etc., can be used as a filter.

The filters are the part that makes us believe that we are not a divine being and live in separateness. This is a very important and exciting precaution, which we now want to deepen a little.

Let us assume that if we no longer had filters, we would have access to all levels that would be possible at all. Our radio would have the possibility to receive all frequencies and/or all channels simultaneously and in best quality. Since these filters prevent this, we do not have the ability to receive everything that is created or present in all of us.



Ice flowers and their divine beauty – the cosmic messenger pigeon

Look at the picture on this blog post and ask yourself the following: „How is it possible that such wonderful pictures can be created without human hands!“ They happen, they arise and they pass away as they have come.

Beauty is transient and arises in the moment of being. An ice flower arises from nothing and disappears back into nothing without us having to do anything about it. We look at these pictures and we rarely ask ourselves how something so beautiful can be created. They have something sublime about them, they have something divine about them and no one knows why.

Water is consciousness and water communicates with us without us being aware of it. We look at them and it never occurs to us how they can arise. Every water molecule has its intelligence that is far ahead of our imagination. A Divine Hand leads the water and something arises at the right temperature that needs no description. It just arises and it leaves us again after it has experienced its moment of being.

Water has many states and it is present in us and on planet Earth in large quantities. We have no respect for water and its possibilities. Water is life and we are nothing without water. We exist thanks to water and we are so loveless with water as if it were something that has no meaning.



Happiness which we cannot hold for ever – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

There will come a time-line which may change everything if we are prepared to let go everything.

We tend a lot to hold tight to those things which appear to be good for us and make us happy. There is that sensation in us leading our actions that nothing new might come afterwards. And this is the reason why we clamber at such things believing we could in fact hold fast all those things which make us happy.

No, none of these wishes are in fact possible

Only, if we trust that in life always something new and fresh will come to us enriching us with happiness and fulfilling our being we then shall comprehend what it means to be able to accept the incredible fulfilment of life.


Dissolving the Human Ego-Structure in the process of recognizing of Being – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

When we move through space and time this is a sensation to become aware that we are on a journey of alteration. This to make comprehensible for our mind will not be successful as to comprehend everything and grasp is hindered which is meant for our heart and not for our mind.

Our mind is structured so that it is able to recognize only sequences of linear sequences. Multidimensional perceptions only take place in our hearts and souls not in our mind. But in order to perceive such sensations as humans nevertheless and be aware of them we have appliances in our bodies like a genius to sense such experience in a limited way.

Such limited perception is tied to our physicality and will be convinced at that point of time when human Ego as part of our experience on earth and as part of our soul will dissolve. At that time of dissolving of human ego-structure there is a sequence of events which will make our soul rise energetically to a level which enables the dispersion of human ego-structure totally -as from then on after the total dissolving of our ego only that will be existent which remains from us after we shall have left our bodies.


The Quantum Leap of Mankind is in the offing – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

Human Mankind is facing shortly the new era reaching us in the year 2018 so it is said. Quantum-Leaps always are connected to facts which make show events or things which have developed and grown before since long in hiding. So, it is with the #MeToo-Activity being a catalysator for everything which has altered mankind and still will do. A whole house of cards implodes and collapse and with it all of those which have supported this house of cards when living.

Nobody may escape of such change for all have waited collectively for this only moment. Only the female energy by itself is capable to free itself on her own. There is no male being, no male energy which may liberate the female energy resp. the female gender.


Mindfulness is always due to prior inner acknowledgement – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

Mindfulness is a state due to prior inner acknowledgement founded on explicit observation of all own surrounding and what is offered to your eyes and to become aware of it. Observation on its own may be of assistance to recognize all that is hidden in your daily life and also make it visible as those may be suppressed in the overwhelming hectic.

Inner preparedness to expand mindfulness may lead us to following facts: to ascertain fully consciously and become totally aware of e.g. preparing the food, breathing, and the daily motivation and everything which we are doing subconsciously as a rule. As soon one has practiced a little it will become a little simpler to kept one`s attention raised highly for there is no way of going back to the old habit.


Time-lines are collapsing – Halloh NEXUS we are coming – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

Many thousands of years we had several time-lines which all were quite active. We were able to have differing experiences in all these time-lines in order to accelerate our souls growing. Since some time now without naming a date these time-lines have adjusted themselves to a new point.

This point or target has been signified by the spiritual hierarchy as „NEXUS“.

The NEXUS is a state at which all time-lines running in parallel lines before will meet there. This meeting of time-lines will be soon in the offing for us and this is the reason why we shall keep us prepared „uni sono“ for big changes to come.