Mirroring one’s own challenges – the cosmic messenger pigeon

When we live a conscious life, we have the opportunity to actively address the issues that block or sabotage us again and again. With the aim to dissolve them. With the dissolving of blocking and sabotaging topics it should be ensured that these and similar topics no longer pull us down energetically and morally or burden us.

Due to our past living, „programmed“ patterns and other occurrences, we are often trapped in interaction with our fellow human beings and get upset because we have not understood how to avoid misunderstandings or elegantly avoid them. In the following, the essential aspects of mirroring topics will be considered, because they give us the opportunity to recognize what we still have to work on. I want to illustrate this with a practical example, because examples help to establish a relationship to our own challenges.



The time of change and your contribution – the cosmic messenger pigeon

It is time to publish another article.

There is a lot going on in the background and out of the background you can do many good things to get to know yourself and your environment better. I was instructed by the spiritual realm to hold back and not to publish anything until I feel in myself again that it is time to do so.

In the last months one could follow in the Internet and in the media that on the world stage of politics, science, religion and many other areas changes make themselves recognizable. The connections for a layman are not easy to recognize. To deal with it requires a lot of time and knowledge of the different subject areas, as well as the history of it, since these things are very strongly connected with it.

In the last year I have contributed with the event article some to point out certain tendencies without going too strongly into detail. Today I would like to pick up a small detail, because it was brought to me personally. My spiritual team has been making me aware for some time that I should allow myself to rest, because there will soon be many changes in my life. This is not only an individual, but also a global statement.

More and more awakened people are reminded that they have incarnated into this epoch for a very specific reason. For many years they themselves „slept“ and led a very normal life. These „sleeper cells“ of light are now becoming more and more active and will change world events, want to change them significantly. They don’t know why but they know that they have to do it.

Have you already found out why you incarnated during this time? If not, then connect to your Higher Self or call your spiritual team for help. They will be happy to show you what has been planned for you. They will not tell you the details because they are for you to experience and not to know in advance. When you know more, you can adjust to your next steps and your inner impatience will get a face, a name or a small mission that is about to happen.

We are instructed to observe our thoughts in the next week and months. Again and again we are exposed to this downward spiral with the goal of learning to keep our thoughts pure and clear. This leads to an increase in consciousness and the vibration can tune into the new frequencies.

Be ready for the changes that will reach us. The harbingers have been there for a long time and will become clearer and clearer to us. The awakened ones will take note of this earlier and earlier and will be able to make their contribution to the collective.

Be ready to make your contribution to the vibration increase, because you are also extremely important.


The cosmic messenger pigeon


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Attach conditions to one’s happiness – the cosmic messenger pigeon

We humans tend to attach conditions to our happiness. If this has already happened to you, then the next few lines are certainly a help to better understand the situation.

We are constantly looking for happiness. It could be on our doorstep and we wouldn’t even recognize it. There are even people who possess and have achieved everything, but have not yet found their happiness. This constant search for happiness has a very serious challenge, which many people face again and again. They connect that being happy with a state or condition that must be fulfilled in order to feel happy or to be happy.

This can never work out, because the universe will not give you this after you search. The universe simply does not respond to the conditions we set. The universe is a big copy machine of our thoughts. The universe knows exactly whether we mean it honestly with ourselves. It must agree with the heart what we want and what we feel.

It cannot fulfill anything that is attached to conditions. The universe knows our preferences, our desires, which are hidden deep within us. The universe does not need a invitation to do so, but wants to support us in that which touches our hearts.


You’re blocking your own way – the cosmic messenger pigeon

The next steps in your life will depend on what you want for yourself. In your heart there are the elements and possibilities that can become reality when the time is right. Reality is created by our thought power and by our faith.

Years ago, this was not so easy because it required a lot of discipline. Today this is much easier to achieve. Believe in your possibilities and free yourself from what keeps you back.

Seek the spotlight and approach the people who make this possible for you. There is great potential in you and from time to time exactly these potentials come to light and delight you so much.


The Archons have lost power over us, the light has won – the cosmic messenger pigeon

The Archons are a race or a form of energy which „feeds“ on emotions. It is hardly imaginable but in the history of creation and earth there are many forms of energy and beings which have dominated humans. Many beings, which exercised power over humans, had thereby the control of certain regions and epochs.


The day the earth stood still – the cosmic messenger pigeon

It is time for me to receive something from the higher spheres again and publish it on my blog. Usually I don’t publish channeled messages or information that should be transmitted by a certain energy. Today I want to make an exception, because the information I have received is not only for me, but for everyone.

If the information in your heart does not touch you or you cannot resonate with it, then it is your decision to turn away from this information. You have your free will and you may express it.

Great efforts have been made to lead all the inhabitants of Mother Earth, which consists of humans, animals, plants and many other races of which we have no idea of existence, into the next higher dimension.


Consciousness, what is that? – the cosmic messenger pigeon

Consciousness is changing, is constantly being communicated in the various forums and blog posts and many don’t know what it means.

When we speak of consciousness, many have different explanations for this part of us, which is an important but not the most important part of us. Consciousness is divided into two parts and this only to make it easier for us to understand this complex „structure“.

From a spiritual point of view, there is no separation or distinction. We do this to make it easier for us to understand. Consciousness is divided into the subconscious and the day consciousness. Day-consciousness is the part where science has the feeling that it is best understood because it is believed to be in the head or brain.

The subconscious is the part that has researched or understands science the least, because it cannot be understood or grasped.

Let us assume that we will not be able to explain it scientifically in the coming years, because we would have to throw a few convictions overboard and this would be a very courageous step for our understanding.

Since I usually only make short blog posts, I will limit myself to the challenge described at the beginning, which I will now shed a little light on in the following.