Inspirations 01 – 10

# 01 – How to find Freedom

It is in your heart that freedom is beginning. Only your heart knows what is true.

Your mind, your consciousness and your reality have endowed you with some illusion in which you have been accustomed to live.

Get to know truth and where you will find it – and you will gain freedom.


# 02 – Love beyond all space and Time

Somebody lives in your heart – a man! It is this man being in love with you. Love prevails all space and time, although there is someone else in a different human cover confronting you. Such cover is of secondary value and does not mean anything. Since this cover has been limited by space and time.

It is very simple to learn who is standing before me. I just take a look into your heart and recognize myself again in it. Since the heart is the mirror reflecting my Self which is without time and mortality.

This is the secret of my connection to you my Beloved One. And a secret will remain a secret until more than two know about it. And therefore it shall remain a secret and stay such for all the time of Now.


# 03 – Emotions are controlling our life if we let them

Emotions are feelings by which humans may be able to experience themselves in relation to their surroundings. Emotions are the building bricks human experience. Be it either to the good or to the negative outcome. Without emotions humans cannot grow. Lacking emotions will make humans not recognize that a limitation has been reached.

And considering limitations: these do not have to be always positive but also negative ones. To recognize and judging about emotions having been outlived will be only possible if one has acknowledged one’s very own greatness and has accepted it as it is. Emotions also will show you where there is still work to be done for this is their target. Emotions are leading you through the „Jungle of Life“. And this is the sort of life which has once been destined by oneself – serving to notify human beings where there is their contemporary standing in the big game of growing until they will have returned back to the Creator of All-There-Is.

Emotions do exist – and this fact actually has to be acknowledged. Why do they occur – not really not to be lived out – no, they are here to be recognized as such by any human being knowing how to put these into some order and what conclusions of learning more could be reached. Once you have solved this riddle, living with emotions will become so easy since they do not control you anymore. On the contrary you then shall be able to recognize your emotions as indicators and not as burdens. This is one of the pieces of old wisdom known for long but never handed down to subsequent generations.

It is only by emotions to take over some possible control over and influence human beings in steering their lives. Once these possible steering qualities fall apart the so-called elitist society will get lost since it likewise will lose their most essential instrument to influence mankind in such way that human beings will act accordingly to add to the personal enrichment of the so-called elite.

Thus act from this very maxim that you always are able to control your emotions. The sole question is how and when will you start with such activity? Please, start as soon as possible with it and you will become those which cannot be manipulated any more by others!


# 04 – How to find true love

True Love does not need words. Love is that special energy going from one to the other without words and still has its effects. There will be no need to describe it since the effect of it speaks for itself. Love’s language is an universal one. No further explanation needed. Love is the same in all cultures, all dimensions, and all spheres. There is no limitation whatsoever to love – none of any destination, love does exist and has only one sole target, i.e. never ever to stop nor extinguish the streaming flux of love-energy.

Wherever you may go – love will follow you. This is a cord not to be seen with your naked eye still it does exist and is unfolding its effects. To describe love would fill in books. Written love-stories would fill libraries. To experience love will have no boundaries and does not need any interpretation since this is not its target.

Accept love as a present without any words. If you get ‚the hang of it here‘ you will have understood what love really is since this is the target of your long way of return to your divine All-Creator who has for you, all his children, a never-ending love.


# 05 – Be aware of real Greatness

The real greatness of the human soul depends on the path it has walked along. Many a journey to various planets and spheres are needed in order to become aware of one’s own real greatness. Already now each and every soul has been given the possibility to acknowledge the real and true greatness it could achieve until now.

More and more one stays busy to hang on to doubts about his/her own true greatness. Still doubting is feeding negative energies and these are not beneficial to the soul. Thus avoid any doubts of yours and you will get to know what is the only one way to go. This is the way of inner growth and the acknowledge of true and real greatness.

I shall repeat this to you again and again as human beings are so soiled by manipulative information accumulated over generations.

Be prepared and willing to change your mindset and you will thus change your surrounding world. Be prepared to receive the miracles of your Creator once you become aware of His True Greatness.



# 06 – Doubting

Everybody is concerned with doubting about oneself and this fact has many a time thrown already everyone off his/her track. Such doubts are here mainly to indicate that imaginary limitations have been reached. Why imaginary? Well, it is because limitations as such do not exist at all in reality and have their existence solely in our minds. All these imaginary limits are food for our doubts, our fear of despair and not coming up to any expectation.

If we are learning to recognize that doubting is only a message for us that we may go still far beyond we shall have achieved everything. The monster has been conquered and all doubt is defeated then. So when will you start to fight your monster for there are many in waiting that you start your battle.

Be prepared to look into the eye of truth and learn that there are no such matters than limits. Those are illusions only and illusions are not really genuine.


# 07 – Everything beyond scientific measurements is not real and does not exist

What is science? Science tries to cope with matters showing that limitations of our intellect are not within reach. If however we permit ourselves to become aware of the fact that science goes far beyond any measurement and what we are able to grasp with our mind – in such case we shall have achieved to liberate ourselves from our limited intellectual minds

Our intellect cannot be explained on a scientific basis yet is recognized as such and also being felt as accepted. If, however, we should like to describe matters beyond measure or explanation we are changing our modes of observation and assessment from being scientific to some „mere esoteric way“ or even more to some „metaphysical rambling“.

Science confined within boundaries is limited science and these limitations are here to be blown apart – are here to be overcome. Only those who succeed to blur out these limitations will be able to grasp the fact that science does not need any limits.

If it is possible to comprehend that it is only us who are setting our boundaries – then we shall likewise comprehend that again it is upon us to overcome such boundaries or limitations. Overcoming any limitations will make us aware of real facilities and true options – and also of hidden capabilities. This will include all true potentials of human mankind, of science, of societies which all might be beyond any limits if we let them become of such quality.

Only those who succeed to break away from what limits science will get to know that beyond science there are many more miraculous matters which in any way are inexplicable but still full of wonder!



# 08 – The invisible Ribbon of Love

The ribbon of love is neither visible nor explicable yet it still is existing and everyone is able to describe it whereby each description will differ from others, also is named differently too and its typical feature is that there are no limitations of perception to it. There are also no limits to it regarding space, time nor distance. Its effect and shaping is unlimited. „The Ribbon of Love“ is of such feature that mankind has been enthralled by it already in many an incarnation and no-one has hitherto achieved to explain or to comprehend it via scientific interpretation.

In life there is not everything in need of any explanation. There are matters which are as they are and it is completely in order in such a way. Since if everything could be explained where about will you find the „Secret of Love“? There is and was never anything like a target to discover the „Secret of Love“. It was more like an attempt to understand why there is such unlimited and wonderful love existing?  Applying love does not adhere to any rules nor limitations. It is society only which impose limitations which are traded on from generation to generation.

Nobody is questioning why are these matters in such a way as they are. This concerns love and many other matters. Put all thoughts about love aside and you will learn there is a vast limitless field and none impediment for you to discover love and your appreciating it. For love is the essence of all souls, is the essence of our all Creator of which we are a part. There is so much which was given to us by Him so that we become aware who is caring for us with His love.

Be prepared to learn about your very own love inside yourself and you will learn also more about yourself. For love is the glue of the universe holding and binding everything together and driving it on and on. Never cease to produce this glue for we don’t want everything to fly apart.


# 09 – Sharing moments we have in common

It is the moment shared in common when everything has come to a standstill around us. It is that special one where everything else ceases to be significant in any way. It is that peculiar moment when we leave all other matters waiting since there is nothing more essential inciting us than that very moment appearing before us.

The momentum of truth – of that special situation when the blink of an eye will extend to slow-motion. It is that momentum in which everything and each matter will be perceived in such a distinct and precise way – in which it is being recognized that one has arrived at last. One has arrived in such momentum of all moments and one would love that it never ever will stop existing. Since this moment is of such uniqueness and so special that it makes us realize that we are in the Here and Now.

There is no other moment to be compared or reaching the essence of this one since it is non-existing in its meaning and perception. It the special moment in which everything makes sense and again none-sense as there is no need for any more interpretation nor explanation. One recognizes it as that one of no return because it is so unique and special.



# 10 – Your Heart is yours and listens well to you!

Until now it has never been understood in its whole entirety – THE HEART !  It is not solely a muscle – it is much much more.

It is an organ, a huge power station supplying energy and all such in a tiny small space!

Comprehend all what your heart is and you will likewise understand everything your heart is able to give to you. Never – ever will your heart leave you alone. It will ever stand by your side and as long as you pay enough attention and due respect to it. And it will never let you down this I can assure you here.

It is only the heart knowing all truth, it is solely the heart knowing the road to turn into and where to go in order to find happiness.


  • follow your heart and you will find happiness on earth
  • follow your heart and you will know what you are destined for
  • follow your heart and never will there be disappointment for you.

Only those giving the needy attention to their hearts will get the reward. It is a special reward – priceless in its nature and not for purchase for all the money in the world.

And this is also not the point of it since the true sense of life is to go on the quest – to find and discover your heart and to become fully aware of it finally.



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