Inspirations 31 – 40

# 31 – Guidance also means having Success

Guidance also is being successful – and now what is meant thereby and the true sense of having success?

Success has various meanings which differ individually. Success also means that one has achieved one’s own targets.

In this very context the logic consequence will be the following: „Guidance would be everything securing the achievement of targets on one own’s way having been set before by someone else namely, one’s very guide.”

Thus some guide resp. the one who guides will secure and grant that the guided person will achieve his targets. No more and no less.


# 32 – Who has discovered it ?

This is some slogan in advertising promotion in Switzerland. Completely unknown abroad this very slogan of advertisements has submitted some kind of message which has been engraved in the mind of everybody.

Now it is being asked how slogans as such may be developed at all ?

Simple is the answer to it. As it is on those people who may need such slogans in order to keep something in their minds for good. And if people may be able to keep it in their memory the target of such advertisement has been achieved.

It is not easy to find out which and what kind of slogans may turn out to be able to engrave themselves in people’s minds since this is closely linked to some main human focus which mainly aims at pulling money from out other people’s pockets.

Still if it will be achieved to wake up feelings, emotions, adventures and fun in other humans‘ minds and hearts this also would lead to the ability of writing more effective slogans than until now.


# 33 – Your heart has played a trick on you

„It is your heart which played a trick on you.“ This proverb is being used once and again.

However, this is quite impossible since your heart never may play tricks on human people. Your heart is always straight forward and honest widely open and there is only one target in there:

„It is to achieve the happiness of the one owning this very heart!“

Now, where such saying derives from? This very proverbial saying derives from some erroneous assumption that human may be misguided not to understand anything so that one has to search for something or somebody found guilty and to pay the price for it.

Understand that your heart will never lie ! Understand that always your heart will speak truth and never – ever  it will leave you alone.


# 34 – Earth is being destroyed while nobody watches

Today we got so far that planet Earth is perishing and nobody is watching it.

Each new day our earth is perishing and nobody is looking at it. Now what do I mean herewith?

It is us who exactly afflict this damage to our earth in some way of daily instalments and nobody is watching it. Deteriorations is done in instalments and this is why it is being commonly accepted.

If it were done all of a sudden everybody would fight against it. If, however, it is done in instalments nobody notices it and they all become onlookers.


# 35 – Everybody wants something but nobody gets it

Everybody wants something but nobody gets it. What do I want to affect with this saying?

Now, it is very simple. Everything that we have – we do not want and that very something which we want to have – this very something we do not own nor have it. Doesn’t this sound very familiar to you or ?

True, it comes from a Fairy Tale and is told to submit some certain kind of story to all children with quite its deeper sense. Unfortunately not even those reading it to children may comprehend its deeper sense and even so since this story originally had been thought to be delivered not only to children but for their parents too.

What is it that I want to express here in this context?

Very simple story it is since all grown-ups bear in themselves a child of their inner heart and this one wants to wakened up once and again too.


# 36 – Laughing like a child

Did you spare some looks at laughter’s of some child already? It is pure and clear and it is disarming !

Now we should understand that children do know solely one matter and this is joy and delight, it is happiness – and this at any time !

If it comes to us grown-ups – we forgot how to laugh since all laughter got stuck in our throats since we are confronted with all the grief and pain which daily are upon us to bear.

Is that true? No, it isn’t but do we not look upon us day after day that we are dissatisfied, unhappy and not valuable enough?

If we became aware that every day we might have the very same laughter like a child then we would have understood that there is no reason to be unhappy nor sad since we are in possession of everything needed by us.

It is because happiness is not to be found outside in life but to be searched by you in the inside of you. Go on quest for it – laughter is not far away from you. It is in you and your inner heart and wants to come out.


# 37 – Stars are so near and still so far away

Stars above are like lights from afar. They all seem to be so far away and yet they are so nearby too.

They are in our heart and they are showing us that we too come from the stars and shall return to them again when time is mature and just right for it.

„Come and go“ that’s our life and always we look up to the skies above where there is our home. And all the stars they show us with their blissful sparkling that they are part of us all – waking up all our yearning for everything that is out there above us.

Let us acknowledge something essential: „We are not the summary only of all that has been additively strung together in a row – but we are all the more so than it is pretended to us until now. Such are the moments when we may be able to imagine the stars having approached to us very near !“


# 38 – True Greatness

In order that someone may acknowledge he/she has been created for greatness a such adequate great achievement has to be brought into the open by him/her. However the fact solely that someone is able to create something great does not mean in any way that the person consequently is really great too.

For if you become aware of possibly also failing in such endeavor yet still upholding your greatness in your heart you will have accepted your very greatness in its true essence.


# 39 –  Accepting and adapting oneself to everything you have learned.

Strength and power originate from stillness. This proverb is quite well known yet many do not direct their lives accordingly to it. Repeatedly again some certain level is being achieved in life when one has to throw overboard everything that was learned and elaborated before still turning solely to his/her instincts to adhere to in subsequent activities.

Funny as it is thereby that our instincts never had been able to learn and adopt matters of wisdom and subsequently one’s activity according to one’s very instinct will normally lead him/her into the wrong direction. Thus consequently it is the matter to acknowledge that stillness never has to do anything with human instinct but more so to the fact that one has to accept and adapt oneself to everything having learned and already integrated into oneself.


# 40 – Intuition

Whoever believes that knowledge solely may be of suffice to clear some sort of situation has – so far – never been able to understand that it is impossible to affix knowledge to any situation needing more than knowledge solely. Instincts may be of help here but it is intuition where true help is available from.



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