Inspirations 11 – 20

# 11 – Time and how to perceive it

Time – what actually is Time? It is something which many people are aligning to. It is something which allegedly is of great importance.

Still time qualifies for only one sole way: it is timeless! And thus already since ever.

If you comprehend that time is of no importance and only entails one sole target viz. (namely) helping us to realize on Earth our experience – in such case time is neither less nor more in itself.

Just imagine it is time (for what ?) and you don’t pay attention to it. What may happen in such case? It goes without saying that in such case you would have to face some sort of problem – still such problems only may exist due to us aligning ourselves to some given time.

Do you understand what I want to express? Without time there would be no pressure – whatever – nothing to which we are compelled to align to or to hold on to. This will make you aware that you may own all the time of your life. Time is never ending and just that much or little what is needed by yourself.


# 12 – To have experiences and to live them out

Whoever is being caught all of a sudden that something again had gone entirely wrong – finds him- / herself right in the middle of his/her very own experience of life.

Tell me:

– what would life be without any experience?

– what would life be without any change?

– what would it be like if there was no experience whatsoever anymore?

Life would be rather boring and there would be nothing left any longer to learn and of which to gain new knowledge. This is truly what all experience is about: it is the inner sense of all experience. It is by experience solely that we are given the chance of growing – since only experience enables us to learn more about ourselves and to getting to know ourselves more and better. Without experience we were to remain what we have been before – some unexperienced, unfledged human being grieving oneself with boredom of life. And eventually this infledged and bored human would reach that actual point in life when he/she would let go of everything only to undergo another „experience of life“ again.

When will you start when you attain some experience and do not consider yourself any longer being its slave but regarding it just as another element of your inner growth?

Once understanding this thought that very moment you will realize you are growing.

Each day more and more being directed by your experience – up to that certain point when turning around and looking back saying to yourself: Wow, this was a great experience – I want to have more!


# 13 – What are Animals?

Animals, what are they? They are creatures of our all Creator, living beings just like us humans and this for quite a long time already. Unfortunately they are not considered as such but as being some matter of trade. Not for everyone still for many. If it would be comprehended that animals in this world have the same significance alike us human beings we also could understand that within Divine Creation they are of alike significance and importance.

In such context it is not the matter of treating animals like human beings. No, the more so, it is that animals are being treated as such – as animals according to their species and not like some matter for manipulation and recyclable use. Such understanding would alter entirely all our conception and relation to the realm of animals – for such a change is of needy requirement and of essential understanding.

Animals are the most similar species to us humans when in the stage of suckling babies – they are helpless like babies. And if the baby is cared for and nursed properly – giving it much attention there will be much in result thereto which is returned to us. Such is exactly the same with animals. They are here to gain their very own experience in their evolution to return to the Creator. Back to the Creator and All-there-Is! This and such understanding will give us the essential clearance that each and every soul has started its incarnation once being an animal. Such is the road all souls are choosing in order to grow – this is the way elected by growing souls in order to learn the meaning of the following phrase: „to grow from an animal being to become a human being!“

Sometimes we are asking ourselves what is it that is described as „to become an animal out of being originally a human being?“

This is some question everybody has to ask him-/herself since it is the key to our full understanding in situations when being confronted with animals and not treating them as such.


# 14 – Music for the Eyes

Music and what is Music? It is a sequence of sounds following each other in some certain order which is caressing your hearing ability and assisting the your soul to relax for some while. It also may influence moods of human and animal beings too. Music is without any limits – it is universal and no translation is needed for it’s understanding since this is already contained in it.

Listen to music with your heart and you will discover matters which were overlooked by your ears. Listen to the music with your eyes and you will learn that your eye might very well take note of matters which are related only to the abilities of your ears. Certainly your ears may take up matter which are hidden to your eyes yet nevertheless it is the eye also keeping some record of matters which remain hidden to the ear.

Give it a try and you will become aware that sounds of music do not spread acoustically only but also in some certain other way which were known to human mankind from first beginning of time. It is only that many humans have forgotten that music may caress and flatter not only your ears but your eyes too.

Dive into such deep experience and you will realize that your eye is much more than recognized by you so far. I shall remind you when you are about to trying it out, I shall accompany you when you take your plunge into? what science hitherto has believed to be impossible.

Sounds are visible- only you must want to perceive them and this is what the secret of sounds is all about.


# 15 – Light – it is much more than is generally thought

…and there will be light … Who does not know this phrase? Everybody knows that there is no shadow without light and no darkness may exist without light.

Please very consciously ask yourself: what is light in its true sense and what may light do at all?

Nobody and not at last science may know about all the answers to such question. Science exists in a scope of limited perception resulting that the most important part is missing in scientific view. Only those capable to understand that light is much more – surpassing all our today’s assumptions will be given some possible understanding that our horizon may be too near to our eyes.

Please try to widen and increase your horizon and you will be given the possibility to become aware that behind your horizon there is still much more.

There are matters waiting behind the horizon which still have to be discovered – formed into some structure and wrapped into lingual expression.

This is a journey to discover light. Light is not to be considered outside only but also inside of yourselves. It is the light of the Creator, that special light enlightening the universe and keeping it going. It is light which is the final end and the beginning too i.e. the Alpha and Omega.

Whoever starts this journey will eventually become aware that it is light taking you on its very journey – some journey without any end neither any start since where there is no beginning – the end will be missing likewise.

Whoever may grasp this with his/her understanding will have truly made it. What? Recognizing the secret of all creation – the particular secret which is one of the basic foundation stones of building the creative blueprint and scheme of All-There-Is.

This is one of the universal secrets known already long ago but thrown away as disregarded and invaluable into some remote corner by science and religion since they both institutions were not able to understand.

Be prepared to put off all limitations – set to do what religion and science were not able to do until now. Setting limits to oneself equally means to give oneself up – accepting one’s own limitations means to cut down and reducing oneself also to whatever experience is to come.


# 16 – Your Navigator is your Heart!

It is your heart which navigates you through your life. Your life is surrounded by cliffs, shallow depths, and high waves! In order to ship safely through your life I always recommend you to listen to your heart!

Your heart is your compass! Your heart knows always which is the right direction to go to since it knows what you need most in order to navigate safely and to come home in safe and sound condition.

Make use of your very own means! Only getting conscious of which means that you own will safeguard you that nothing negative may be afflicted to you while being in the stormy sea of your life. You may always rely on your heart since it is always there at your side casting an eye on everything before you!

If you are able to recognize that it is you heart showing you the right way – if you are able to understand that it is your heart which knows always where you are in life at the time of now and where you want to go to – you, never – ever, may be proceed in life in a wrong way. It is you who solely decides whether you make use of your heart for it.


# 17 – Wanting or to be capable of

We do want but we are not capable of what we want to achieve. So what is the difference between wanting and being able to achieve it?

Now – wanting to do some certain matter has to do with something with your inner decision that you have made up your mind beforehand that you are also able to do it. It is only if we want to do it that makes us capable of doing too. Do you understand what I mean?

It is your inner willingness to do something that prepares the way of being also able to do it. Without wanting to do it – you will never be able to do it!


# 18 – The Road which is before you

Which is the road that I shall decide to take today? This is what you ask yourself always again in your life.

The road or the way is your life and its targets that you want to achieve is the Road/Way that you chose to go to them. Only what has to be done if there are no targets in your life to which to strive to?

One sets targets and finds oneself a way to follow on to attain these targets.


# 19 – Without waiting

Without waiting everything will run faster and faster around you. And it is beyond all our influence so we assume we cannot stop „IT“ at all.

Still there it is always possible to stop „IT“ because: we are „IT“ and we have to comprehend that „IT“ is merely an illusion only.

If the illusionary part of „IT“ has been recognized it is possible to take oneself out of this equation meaning to rescind oneself from any influence of all happening around oneself – and thus gaining the liberty of waiting space needed.

To wait in order to regain some broader survey to wait to regain enough air for breathing deeply again.


# 20 – Exerting one’s own Influence and losing Control

To exert one’s influence really means to have control of something and attempts are made to such target. Now what is influence and what is control in their real essence? Both are linked to each other yet simultaneously separated from each other.

We do have some sort of influence if we believe we may influence something according to our own regulations. And likewise if we believe something being under our control.

Both are right and also wrong too since nothing may be held really under control and influence too.

We may solely exert our influence on the way matters are running and such under certain conditions only as well as in certain areas.

As soon as we are feeling that there is nothing to be held under control one will comprehend how to let go of matters running along. This is exactly when we shall ascertain that matters will be self- regulatory ones.

There are many matters which are not to be put under influence, control, or manipulation of any sort since they are on their right way anyhow.

Please, ponder about it and allow yourself this open Space of Freedom. You will notice that matters will find their very own way and that exerting control originally is constituting some Loss of Control, which we are not aware of but nevertheless will exist more or less all the time.



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