The Event Update Part 12 – The last update of the series – the cosmic messenger pigeon

Energetically we are wonderfully on course and the cosmic signs are intensifying that things can now unfold that were announced a long time ago.

I’ve been instructed by Ashtar not to release any more event updates, so this announcement and post will be the last to have the title „Event Update“. More information will follow, but none will be related to the event.

I’ve noticed a compression of energies for some time now. The energies that reach us will now be led to a climax. A very large portal from the Pleiades system is also responsible for this. This portal is fully open since today and will be available in the next weeks. The Pleiad energies are there to balance the female energies within us. Above all the men who urgently need this will feel this change very well. Those who have already balanced the female energy will not feel or perceive any great changes. That the only thing they perceive is their own great energy which awakens them.

The female humans among us will feel the power of the goddess Isis and other goddesses and will strengthen and nourish them. This is a very important time for the balance between the male and the female to take place. This balance is an essential basis for what will come, so that the change can also be made possible.



The Event Update Part 11 – The change we finally want, we get – the cosmic messenger pigeon

In part 10 I provoked and some of them decided to contact me. Through e-mails and also entries on the blog a few interesting dialogues could be started.

I stick to my statement that we ourselves are responsible for the change and that no one will relieve us of it. The support from the higher dimensions is there and without it we would still be in the Stone Age with our consciousness.

Now I want to actually go into a few changes, this has been going on for some time, is currently unfolding and will unfold in the future.

We have been moving through the photonic belt since 1987 and this has triggered a huge leap of consciousness in us. The Berlin Wall has fallen and the relationship between the USSR and the USA has become much better.


The Event Update – Part 10 – and again nothing happens – the cosmic messenger pigeon

…the time of great change is approaching and yet we are looking for signs that will show us that all prophecies and announcements will finally be fulfilled by the spiritual realm. Already in the year 2014 I was overwhelmed by a wave of disappointments. I was one of those who first-hand reported and channeled messages from different Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc..

Nothing but really nothing worth mentioning happened and the disappointment with me and many lightworkers was great. I decided to retire from the blogging scene for various reasons, even though my blogg was read worldwide, the content was translated into different languages and my ego was then belly-painted.

It did me good to distance myself from the channeled messages. I had spent so many hours understanding things and the context. My contact with the spiritual world was also very demanding, but I couldn’t really get anything out of it, which showed me that it was finally time.


The Event Update – Part 8 – It can begin, the change is just around the corner – the cosmic messenger pigeon

In the last few days, the spiritual realm has regularly drawn my attention to the 4th of July 2019, because on this day a constellation in heaven and on earth is being created, which will contribute to the fact that a great change can be initiated.

I have also been informed that July 4th will not only be the Independence Day of the Americans, but the Independence Day of all mankind and the planet Earth.

I am not a friend of dates that the spiritual realm tells me. In this case I see certain connections which aim at the fact that on different fronts changes are lining up which will accompany mankind into a new age.


The Event – Part 7 – It’s time to go – the cosmic messenger pigeon

It’s time for me to release an update again.

In connection with the event, it has been rather quiet in the last weeks or months, although there are a lot of things going on in the background for which we could fill books with information.

Right now, is a very important time. This period of time ahead of us will bring many things to healing. It’s not the big things, but rather the things that prevent us from making progress like sand in the gearbox. This sand must be „flushed out“ and dissolved so that everything that lies ahead can and may function more simply and elegantly.

Politically speaking, the US is going through a difficult time, which is necessary to separate the dark from the light. It is not about evil or good, but about the dissolution of things that no longer have any use for the future.


The Event – Part 6 – Source speaks to you – the cosmic messenger pigeon

It is June and it is time to report about the coming portal days. Portal Days have the wonderful quality that we can heal and dissolve deep and unconscious programs. In doing so, we will once again reach our limits so that these energies may finally dissolve.

For those readers who are not familiar with the term „portal“, a very simplified explanation. Portals are cosmic doors or gates that allow the spiritual hierarchy to direct energies of the central sun to the earth in very high concentration and in concentrated form. Each of these portals has different qualities, depending on which topics need to be resolved in the collective.

Collective themes are the simpler themes. Individual topics are the more complex and demanding challenges we are confronted with, as they affect and challenge us personally.