The Event – Part 7 – It’s time to go – the cosmic messenger pigeon

It’s time for me to release an update again.

In connection with the event, it has been rather quiet in the last weeks or months, although there are a lot of things going on in the background for which we could fill books with information.

Right now, is a very important time. This period of time ahead of us will bring many things to healing. It’s not the big things, but rather the things that prevent us from making progress like sand in the gearbox. This sand must be „flushed out“ and dissolved so that everything that lies ahead can and may function more simply and elegantly.

Politically speaking, the US is going through a difficult time, which is necessary to separate the dark from the light. It is not about evil or good, but about the dissolution of things that no longer have any use for the future.



The Event – Part 6 – Source speaks to you – the cosmic messenger pigeon

It is June and it is time to report about the coming portal days. Portal Days have the wonderful quality that we can heal and dissolve deep and unconscious programs. In doing so, we will once again reach our limits so that these energies may finally dissolve.

For those readers who are not familiar with the term „portal“, a very simplified explanation. Portals are cosmic doors or gates that allow the spiritual hierarchy to direct energies of the central sun to the earth in very high concentration and in concentrated form. Each of these portals has different qualities, depending on which topics need to be resolved in the collective.

Collective themes are the simpler themes. Individual topics are the more complex and demanding challenges we are confronted with, as they affect and challenge us personally.


The Event – Part 5 – When Change Can Reach You – the cosmic messenger pigeon

Since the beginning of time there has been talk of a great change and the return of the gods. Today we want to deepen this statement with the help of my spiritual companions.

Our limited thinking prevents us from illuminating certain statements or writings with a different look. We are so focused that the text that has been given to us contains the absolute truth, and we do not understand that it is an impulse to inspire our thinking and our actions.

No one will come, for all who need it are already incarnated on earth. The big „change-makers“ arrived in the 1970s. They are souls with the quality of change and healing. Meanwhile, other souls have incarnated, which have the task of stabilizing the energy on earth to such an extent that the souls incarnated in the 1970s can work unhindered.

Each of these souls has what it needs to accomplish its task. Nobody’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone is exactly where they need to be in order to make the change possible.


The Event – Part 4 – Awakening and Recognizing – the cosmic messenger pigeon

The energies of the last days and weeks have changed a lot. Something is beginning to change in people’s hearts. Some have felt this for some time. Others feel this only since the gates of heaven were opened and the earth was flooded with the energy of love.

What is heaven and what gates have been opened to the one or other questions will arise!

It is very complex in one way and very simple in the other. But it is not possible to put this into words, because we have nothing comparable in our linguistic usage that could be useful for an explanation. The spiritual realm helps us with comparisons, models and explanations that describe which can be made very simple for the spiritual realm, but very difficult for us to understand with our restricted or limited mind.

Here is a short story, which will also bear the title of this article. The story begins with a short introduction and will be introduced to us in the following articles.


The Event – Part 3 – The change has arrived in you – the cosmic messenger pigeon

Close your eyes for a short moment and perceive what is presented to you. It is your thoughts and it is the thoughts of your soul that are connected to the universe. In this very moment you are connected to the universe, you have felt that you are more than what you can perceive.

Your filters, your perception and your „programming“ keep you from perceiving all that your soul can receive at any time of the day or night. You alone determine what is and will be possible. The event is a big and important matter for the universe, for the earth, for humanity and for you as an individual. The moment you can see what it means to be connected to everything, it enables you to see what great beings of light you are.


The Event – Part 2 – On the day we forgot everything – the cosmic messenger pigeon

I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and feel what will come. Feel what is in you and see the great light that shines in you. Your soul knows what is coming, for your soul is connected to what will come.

It is even the case that your soul has planned all this and you now have the opportunity to experience all of this. Exactly for that reason, you came here just to have that experience. The event is not only a cosmic event. No, it is also an individual event that grows and thrives. You yourself are the most important ingredient for what will come.

The events surrounding the event are in full swing. They increase in speed and the change in you and around you increases in speed. There’s no going back. There is only one way and it is directed forward. Events in your heart cause the reality around you to change and the events associated with it to change.


The Event – Part One – Great Change is About to start now – the cosmic messenger pigeon

In the following a series will be formed that will be focused about the many aspects of the Event. There were quite manifold matters which were shown to me recently in the last days and weeks in order to give a broad survey to all participants of everything what has been so far and will become of it furthermore.

It is us which are the architects of everything which is approaching us as new structures in our future lives. At first these changing matters are tiny but later they will grow considerably aiming at producing all alterations in service of the evolution of Mother Earth, Mankind, and creation of Gaia.

Creation has nothing to do with God, Buddha, Krishna, or Allah but it is that special matter having slumbered in all our hearts since beginnings of time. Only our souls know all about the Planning. Some name it „Divine Plan“ and others describe it as „Evolution or Revolution“. It is us which make everything possible and in following sequences I shall take you with me on this Journey too.