The Event Update Part 11 – The change we finally want, we get – the cosmic messenger pigeon

In part 10 I provoked and some of them decided to contact me. Through e-mails and also entries on the blog a few interesting dialogues could be started.

I stick to my statement that we ourselves are responsible for the change and that no one will relieve us of it. The support from the higher dimensions is there and without it we would still be in the Stone Age with our consciousness.

Now I want to actually go into a few changes, this has been going on for some time, is currently unfolding and will unfold in the future.

We have been moving through the photonic belt since 1987 and this has triggered a huge leap of consciousness in us. The Berlin Wall has fallen and the relationship between the USSR and the USA has become much better.

Subsequently the USA approached the USSR even more and this had to be stopped under all circumstances. With the retirement of Ronald Reagan, the dark side could once again turn the wheel in its favour and years of alienation came. The political stage was out to destabilize each other, so that a rapprochement or peace could become only with difficulty possible.

The European Union was an attempt to strengthen Europe, but the influence of the British Crown was too great, and as a result much was done to destabilise Europe even more. Migration and refugee flows, which had been prepared for a long time, also contributed to divide or destabilise Europe.

„Give them something to do that they are busy with and we can do our thing!“

A large machinery is aimed at creating chaos and destruction on the planet, with the aim of arousing the need for security among the population and thus preserving the legitimacy for the increase in arms budgets. The military, the arms industry, the banking sector, the pharmaceutical industry and many other sectors have made a lot of money with the chaos and destabilization. We must not look at individual industries in isolation. They invest their money not only in the areas where they operate, but also where the greatest profits can be made.

The game is over. Many of the issues that are now building up in the background will lead to the fact that the big money can no longer be earned. The string pullers in the background got cold feet, because a very important personality will be pilloried. This person will blow up all the connections in the arms industry, entertainment industry, pharmaceutical industry, financial industry, etc. and the system will start to collapse.

It is not easy for us laypeople to have the perspective and to know the connections. A very tight network of confidants has been built up over decades, which is based on the fact that they have to do everything they are told, subject to blackmail. Many have become victims themselves because this game has been built very nastily and deviously. Money, fame and glamour prevents clear thinking and this will be the fate of many people in the highest positions.

What do I want to give you on your way. Follow the media, follow a certain person who ends with ….stein. He will bring everything to collapse and with him many people who are involved. What will then be presented to us will not please us. It is the most terrible thing you can imagine and this multiplied by 100. This in turn with everything else, because everything is connected with it.

I don’t want to go into details anymore. There are enough people who deal with it and do great work. Follow the Q-phenomenon, because this will be the key to informing us. A large network of people working together to bring the shadow governments and string pullers to their knees.

Give Mother Earth and her people a few more weeks and the world will no longer be the same as it is today. Everything, but also really everything will be questioned and that is a good thing.

I have learned the following from a well-informed source:

„Humanity is ready for change – we are determined to do everything we can to make it the best experience humanity has ever had. Enjoy the show, it will be unique“.

Event? Something different?

Let us be surprised.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


Original language is German and was translated to English by The cosmic messenger pigeon


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