Attach conditions to one’s happiness – the cosmic messenger pigeon

We humans tend to attach conditions to our happiness. If this has already happened to you, then the next few lines are certainly a help to better understand the situation.

We are constantly looking for happiness. It could be on our doorstep and we wouldn’t even recognize it. There are even people who possess and have achieved everything, but have not yet found their happiness. This constant search for happiness has a very serious challenge, which many people face again and again. They connect that being happy with a state or condition that must be fulfilled in order to feel happy or to be happy.

This can never work out, because the universe will not give you this after you search. The universe simply does not respond to the conditions we set. The universe is a big copy machine of our thoughts. The universe knows exactly whether we mean it honestly with ourselves. It must agree with the heart what we want and what we feel.

It cannot fulfill anything that is attached to conditions. The universe knows our preferences, our desires, which are hidden deep within us. The universe does not need a invitation to do so, but wants to support us in that which touches our hearts.

Practical example

I am already a satisfied person and can only be fully happy when condition A and condition B are fulfilled. The universe does not know what to do with conditions, because conditions are unknown to the universe. It cannot gain creative energy from it to manifest it.

Rather one should detach oneself from the conditions and decide that one can be happy NOW. The universe now recognizes what makes us happy and supplies us even more, because it recognizes in us the desires that the heart sends out. The condition denies the universe access to our heart and prevents us from being happy because there is a decision by us not to be happy until condition A and condition B are fulfilled.

Say loudly and clearly to yourself, repeating this again and again for yourself like an affirmation: „I am happy and the universe cares for me“. So I give the universe the task to make me even happier, because I have not set any conditions how the universe should make me happy.

In my heart, there are the things that the universe can read. The gifts come to us in many different ways and we may learn to look forward to them gratefully.

Have you ever wondered how happy people do it? They do not impose any conditions and are always surprised by the universe.


The cosmic messenger pigeon


Original language is German and was translated to English by The cosmic messenger pigeon


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