The Event – Part 4 – Awakening and Recognizing – the cosmic messenger pigeon

The energies of the last days and weeks have changed a lot. Something is beginning to change in people’s hearts. Some have felt this for some time. Others feel this only since the gates of heaven were opened and the earth was flooded with the energy of love.

What is heaven and what gates have been opened to the one or other questions will arise!

It is very complex in one way and very simple in the other. But it is not possible to put this into words, because we have nothing comparable in our linguistic usage that could be useful for an explanation. The spiritual realm helps us with comparisons, models and explanations that describe which can be made very simple for the spiritual realm, but very difficult for us to understand with our restricted or limited mind.

Here is a short story, which will also bear the title of this article. The story begins with a short introduction and will be introduced to us in the following articles.

We humans decided a very long time ago to participate in a cosmic consciousness game. The basic idea of this game was that we forget everything we ever were. Some of us can remember, but most of us have decided not to take any information about it with us on earth and put everything back to remembering what they really are or ever were.

In this journey of discovery, we humans assume that we are separated from this divine source. But deep within us is the knowledge that this is not true and that we are always connected to this source of BEING. The dualistic game and all the dramas and programming of society have helped us to truly believe this. With the help of the energy that comes to us from the source, all the limitations, programming and manipulations dissolve and we get ever closer to the core of the matter.

In this process of knowledge, we begin to constantly remember things that were always hidden within us. Suddenly we realize things that were not available to us for an infinite number of years. We begin to enjoy rediscovering this knowledge. We enjoy what is presented to us. With the help of these insights we come ever closer to the illusion and look behind the curtain that led us to believe that we are mortal beings who have no power to personalize and influence life.

More and more we discover the creative power within us, which enables us to be happy. We learn to apply these things that we have forgotten like little children. We are allowed to make discoveries that will fascinate us. We discover the power that makes everything possible.

It is precisely with this insight that we begin to change history on earth. All the manipulations and influences are seen through and made visible. Those who are caught have the possibility to call and change or they are deleted from the matrix.


Deleted means that their influence no longer has any effect. They become the puppets we used to be because they no longer have any influence on world affairs. In other words, they are the ones who are manipulated and controlled because their influence gives way and they have to submit.

They will not be able to understand this consciously because their consciousness is so limited that they become the puppets of light and make their contribution to it without being able to defend themselves against it.

Change on Earth is in full swing. Much is visible, but most of it takes place behind closed doors. Very large and powerful companies and governments have received an ultimatum that their time is over. Everything that was and is hidden now gets a face and is washed to the surface. Whistleblowers all over the world will break their silence and show themselves to the public because they now know that the changes can no longer be stopped.

The time has finally come for everything that was announced years ago to become visible. Trust will now become something that will grow because most realize that it is finally time and that is a good thing.

Next time, I will continue writing the story and until then, I wish you great AWAKEN AND RECOGNISE.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


Original language is German and was translated to English by The cosmic messenger pigeon


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