The Event and its following consequences – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

As mentioned in our recent script with the title „The Event” we are moving towards great changes. Various messages are presently placed at disposal to the varying channelers from the spiritual sphere. Actually they all basically move towards an equal or similar trend and demonstrate us that the „Great Change“ actually has arrived at our doors.

It is being elaborated quite diligently on many levels that the Divine Plan may being now turned over. Many humans are working secretly in matters which most of the humans even cannot iagine at all. Manipulation’s thereof, false pieces of information, and corruption on all levels must be break down for ever.

On many locations the „Dark Powers“ i.e. the Cabals, are mentioned and fundamentally these people are nothing else different than we are. They play their game and go through their experiences and like them we are playing our game and go through our experiences likewise. There are manifold interactions between the both parties and exert such a great influence that we ourselves cannot imagine it at all in some mode and art.

If true facts appear to the light of our days – and this will become a fact – no stone will remain where it has been so long. There will be much to explain and to elucidate – all which will shock us in the deepest sense so that we shall need months in order to digest everything. We, then, are able and are allowed to recognize how eventful like a genius has all been formed and built as well as orchestrated.

Manipulations are running from the top to the bottom. All Powers which actually are on the brink to lose their former control will be capable to recognize what it means to be „On the Losers side“. They will get aware of the whole spam and range of their collaboration and construction and most of them will chose the simple way to get away. They will save themselves of the Exit Way of strategy as they do not want to be drawn to any accountability. And they may experience in another new incarnation what it means to take over responsibility and accountability.

Also, those having always turned around looked sideways will go through their waking up. These too will be asked for their accountability and responsibility.  Since it was for these humans which made first possible that all these influences and manipulations came into existence.

Those looking to the other side? They are just like the real „DOER“ and delinquents like those having exerted power and terror to other humans. And it is significant to mention also the „#MeeToo movement“ in this context.

To take over Responsibility means to act from your deepest heart and this will become all the simpler with progressing time-line. Matter will be conveyed to the surface which cannot undergo any more manipulation. The Slogans everywhere will be of such powerful nature that we all will get „fed-up“ to recognize more again how we have been lied to right from the very top of all Governments.

Fasten your belts and hold tight for very soon we shall not get rid of our all astonishment. Be prepared to report and give your participation too for – yes – you too haven event-matters and experienced which must be published and told.


The cosmic messenger pigeon


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