Dissolving the Human Ego-Structure in the process of recognizing of Being – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

When we move through space and time this is a sensation to become aware that we are on a journey of alteration. This to make comprehensible for our mind will not be successful as to comprehend everything and grasp is hindered which is meant for our heart and not for our mind.

Our mind is structured so that it is able to recognize only sequences of linear sequences. Multidimensional perceptions only take place in our hearts and souls not in our mind. But in order to perceive such sensations as humans nevertheless and be aware of them we have appliances in our bodies like a genius to sense such experience in a limited way.

Such limited perception is tied to our physicality and will be convinced at that point of time when human Ego as part of our experience on earth and as part of our soul will dissolve. At that time of dissolving of human ego-structure there is a sequence of events which will make our soul rise energetically to a level which enables the dispersion of human ego-structure totally -as from then on after the total dissolving of our ego only that will be existent which remains from us after we shall have left our bodies.

For this special process and experience we need not leave our bodies – the more so should be recognizable which energies are in the play. These are such high and powerfully vibrating energies which accompany us during this kind of process in which we recognize our Selves. Only those having experienced their own Selves will have the knowledge what is meant „to have arrived“.

Only the total dissolving of the soul and the integration of the soul into the collective being makes the personality of some human soul collapse since it is no more needed to experience the being as individuality. We have experienced it ourselves and also there is no more need of our single existence and we shall melt into the collective being from which we once broke up in order to find our Selves.

By completive quantum we are and we were always connected with the collective being. It is only the illusion of „The-Not-Being“ deceives us this is not so. To remember and to dissolve totally is and shall be the great target of a soul.


The cosmic messenger pigeon


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