Time-lines are collapsing – Halloh NEXUS we are coming – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

Many thousands of years we had several time-lines which all were quite active. We were able to have differing experiences in all these time-lines in order to accelerate our souls growing. Since some time now without naming a date these time-lines have adjusted themselves to a new point.

This point or target has been signified by the spiritual hierarchy as „NEXUS“.

The NEXUS is a state at which all time-lines running in parallel lines before will meet there. This meeting of time-lines will be soon in the offing for us and this is the reason why we shall keep us prepared „uni sono“ for big changes to come.

All alterations respective changes which we are to experience are being agreed to by all of us collectively. Every soul who may be in experience of this NEXUS knows about this fact and also each soul experiencing this NEXUS when not incarnated will learn about this fact from the spiritual world. Many indigenous peoples have recognized this point or target since long ago and have designated this point or target as the „turning point“ or as the „turning change“. Many of the historic tradition have been misinterpreted and abused intentionally and as far adjusted so that mankind will obtain this piece of information at a later certain time and comprehend it too.

We obtain these information’s the same way as have the indigenous peoples obtained them. They have made use of certain rituals for the communication with the spiritual world which was more difficult to establish and thus built up the communication. The spiritual Veil making this all the more difficult was made permeable by a fixed sequence of rituals.

Nowadays communication with the spiritual world is much simpler. Everybody possesses this possibility for all humans are in their core a spiritual being. By the process of forgetting we are not more conscious of it and may now experience to return back into a state of consciousness again.

Many are already today able to be aware of this NEXUS. Many report about it and explain to us what will happen then. These potentials are now better to be recognized as the energy is moving with force in that direction.

Visualisiere folgendes Bild, welches oben als Titelbild eingefügt wurde. Erkenne und fühle die einzelnen Zeitlinien und nimm wahr, was sich präsentiert. Freue dich, während du gedanklich dich auf den Nexus zubewegst und sende dein Licht, deine Liebe in diesen Nexus. Du bist ein geistiges Wesen und du weisst, dass du dies kannst. Erfreue dich (a)ob der Energie, welche dabei entsteht und erkenne, was uns auf der Zeitlinie nach dem Nexus erwarten wird. Auch dies nimm wieder in dein Herz, verstärke es mit deiner Liebe und sende es wieder in den Nexus. Speise den Nexus mit deiner Energie und deiner Freude und du wirst EINS mit dem was ist.

Now visualize following image which was joined on top as title-picture. See – recognize – and feel the single time-lines and be aware of what is presented there. Rejoice while in thoughts you move forward to the NEXUS and send your light, your Love also to this NEXUS. You are a spiritual being and you know that you are able to do this. Rejoice of your energy which is created thereby and recognize what will expect us on the time-line after having passed this NEXUS. And this again take into your heart aggravate it with your Love and then send it again to the NEXUS. Feed the NEXUS with your energy and your joy and you will become one with all there is.

I am wishing you a good journey on your way to the NEXUS for you are part of this NEXUS as you are a spiritual being.


The cosmic messenger pigeon


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2 Kommentare zu “Time-lines are collapsing – Halloh NEXUS we are coming – the cosmic messenger pigeon

  1. Actually it is very logical – if our time-line isapproaching thr Zero-Point of Time this must go as well for other time-lines and therefore the NEXUS MUST BE THE SAME AS THE zERO-pOINT – HAS ONLY GOT ANOTHER NAME OF ITS OWN FOR IT: EVA MARIA


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