Between Life and Death, a new perspective – the cosmic messenger pigeon

<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>
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Recently I read a report explaining what is death resp. life and how these are interconnected. Usually there are differing views to these subjects. If we query 10 people to these subjects we should receive 10 differing replies or views in respect of this question:

„What is life and what is the meaning of death?“

Now death is a state when the soul dissolves itself from its body so that it may convey itself into a new state of being. The soul always remains its true self but within the body it has been sided by some consciousness. The latter is the part which accompanies the incarnated human being. And the soul collaborates together with the consciousness trying to put consciousness favorably for its purposes as soul has no other possibility to reach the human being its Avatar.

On cognitive level on the thinking level it is the only level on which soul is collaborating. As a matter of course there still further possibilities for the soul to communicate with us. The whole body listens to its soul. It is possible for the soul to communicate with the body via a link. The bodily elements are beings or energies which transform soul`s orders resp. instructions to make them visible as efficiently felt experiences on the physical level of the body. To describe this process in detail would go beyond the frame of this article.

When the body is deprived of its soul it cannot functions any longer. The soul is more essential than heart or brain. In case it is the will of the soul that the body functions longer than is held possible by science it may hold the body alive in spite of heart´s still stand or other heavy deficiencies. Life within a body takes part on various levels. We are feeling that a human is alive as long his heart is beating but a beating heart and  functioning blood-circulation are more side-products of an alive body. One could say that a human is still alive until the soul is leaving the body. There is no life without any soul.

There are cases when the body is in the process of dying and the soul cannot dissolve itself .This process of dissolving is a wonderful and beautiful process for the soul as it knows that it will eventually be liberated. Connection of the soul to the body rep. the physical body is realized by the silver-cord. This energetical cord connects the energy of the soul with the body i.e. the physical human existence and can only be separated by the spiritual hierarchy. Be it that the soul is not prepared to let go of the body the spiritual Hierarchy will respect soul´s wish and not separate the connection.

As soon as the soul has decided to let go of the body since the task and incarnation aim has been fulfilled this connection will be dissolved. Very simply by energy. When the soul reached up to the spiritual world meaning the vibration of the soul has risen up as high the energy and its consistency Will then so high alike that the silver-cord will dissolve itself and the body resp. the soul is being liberated. As soon the body is losing its connection to its soul the body is no longer capable to live since there is a process started in the pituitary gland which shuts down the body at once. This may take place in some few milliseconds or over a certain time. Always as the soul wishes to experience it.

It may be that the soul stays near the body in order to follow but not to experience this process. It is not the matter of death any more or the feeling of death but for the pure proceeding of the soul observing. When the soul has finished this procedure the energy will be dissolved in the body since energy never ever can get lost. The remaining energy retires and the consciousness is being secured in a special procedure. Everything ever thought, sensed, said etc. has already been saved in the sub consciousness but despite of those there are still elements not having arrived in the sub consciousness and those are being saved now.

Afterwards following further processes are being introduced which have been explained to me by Spirit. This procedure takes place in various phases since the body is without any sense nor to spirit. The body was the Avatar of the soul and its task has been fulfilled. It is like you will buy a new vehicle and therefore liquidate the old one to be recycled. It does not sound so very nice or to be read but from the view of spirit it is not more or less. If the final procedure is being introduced totally certain energies have taken command of the body so that this described final phase may be started

These special energies surveyed and controlled by the heavenly powers are conceived and mustered that everything which has made the human personality on earth will be saved. This safeguarding how I name it here is a highly complex procedure taking place on the quantum level. Everything and I mean everything without any remainder will be copied and stored into the personal Akasha chronicle. As it is the matter of energy you will comprehend that the Akasha chronicle is as an energy-store, comparable with a saving medium on earth (like CD, DVD or similar saving stores) No Energy is saved on CD, DV or similar here but information.

The Akasha-chronicle of everybody is alternately connected to All-There-Is and thereby the spiritual hierarchy can profit by all our experiences we have made. Our sensations, our experiences and all that has made us had been joined to the collective date-saving store resp. the cosmic consciousness. This is the only way Source of Creation resp. prime foundation may get to know everything we have experienced. And the latter possibly may take his wholly personal route in case the soul decides again to incarnate.

The soul deciding to incarnate again all preparing the next incarnation together with the soul in question seize this knowledge as it is very ample and no-one is in possession of this knowledge as it belongs to the collective consciousness and thus to all belonging to the collective consciousness. There are ranges in this collective which are accessible only to certainly defined souls resp. energies as these are their service tasks.

The spiritual guide resp. the Higher Godself and further supporting elements are staying with the soul in preparation of the next incarnation. On base of the experiences made by the soul all may be aware what has been concluded with applause and what has not been learned so far. Thus all participants may plan the next incarnation. These are the contents of lections which have to be learned or repeated and the people resp. the energies which will accompany the respective soul with the concerned procedure as well as the temporary and energetical frame conditions supporting the whole incarnation. It is a highly complex planning procedure which is planned  by various possibilities discussed, trained and tried.

It may be that a soul first has go into some sort of training or apprenticeship before incarnation on earth or in some other reality. The training is thus built up that the soul may like in a reality-show may observe how matters may develop on ground of decisions and thus the best way or the most suitable route might me trained and discussed with the spiritual guide, the Higher Godself or other supporting energies. Is the soul finally prepared he is brought to a certain transition point, simply described as a portal. At arrival on it the soul says farewell to everybody before it incarnates mostly in the birth-channel. According to each soul this process of incarnation may take place earlier or later when the fetus is developing.

Everything I have described here has been explained to me by the light and I have transformed it for our level of experience. Words are lacking for the light resp. the description to give us more details. They would like to deliver more details but our consciousness has only limited possibilities to comprehend this procedure in any some ways. Growing with more awareness and consciousness we shall obtain more and more details and acquire more comprehension too, They then will show us the genius of creation and the souls level of experience. Now we are only in the first uptake to understand the most important matters and the secret of creation will be by the evolution uncovered all the more so that many human beings and loving souls may be spread this knowledge among the people.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


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