The greatest weakness may become the uttermost strength – the cosmic messenger pigeon

wer-bin-ich<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>
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We, the humans bear in ourselves various potentials and may discover and research those while living incarnated on earth. Some of our potentials and possibilities we shall never discover, others might be recognized only in their beginnings and cultivated too.

Now, how is it possible to get aware of which potentials are sleeping in us and how can we awake and cultivate these?

Just imagine you are having a great weakness. Something that you really are not able to cope with. Never ever, you would regard it as one of your potentials. Just imagine this is laying heavily on you. You have had developed the most various strategies to overcome this weakness for the people surrounding you and yourself might not recognize that there is something around you which makes you feel ashamed for or even feel badly.

Do you get aware of your habitude and the sensations, which arise thereby? Do you recognize which are the strategies to cope with it in order that you defraud yourself anew every day? Moreover, you are able to know that you are not making any progress. You know that and never ending vicious circle is accompanying you leading you to each the same point which shows you that something exists that you cannot cope with and that you are weak regarding it. Have you arrived in this feeling once and all – at that feeling and emotion – and would you rather had it disappear so that you would better off then without it?

Well then, there is some solution for your problem. It is so easy that never ever, you will believe it and already with this attitude, you will reinforce it again. Yes, I mean that you’re feeling again of above. Exactly that special feeling which you would like most to let go for good. In such case, you will be much better off and you could then apply yourself to more important matters of life.

Imagine there is a child standing before you, which has the very same weakness than you and can share with you all these emotions. You could understand this child completely since it is you carrying this child in yourself and you would like so much to embrace this child so that it must not feel this pain any more. Imagine this child is you yourself and go on imagining that this is your inner child being a part of you and of your past. Imagine, that this is that part of yourself, which you want to lie about and to let go forever. Imagine this weakness prevails in this child, which your very own weakness and you want to get rid of it.

Feel and recognize what your feelings may do to this child, which i.e. is your own inner child if you want to press it out and get rid of it. Thus, be aware that you deny yourself to your inner child standing before and whom you would so much like to console it. Now you recognize that it is yourself!

Do you know how mean you are to yourself? You would at once embrace another strange kid who observes you with big loving eyes in order to console it. But differently with your own inner child being a part of yourself you would like to get rid of as it only is a burden to you and disturbs you in your life. Do you see the intricate situation all around you? But do you see again the great chance that is offered to you? You have learned now that it is the matter of you yourself and your inner child who bears this hurt. It will be loved and praised and is what only you are able to do by changing your relation to yourself. Only you may change all this and this kid finally could become a part of you. This is so very important and right in order.

All our ousted parts are split into single aspects since we want to get rid of them. It is because we cannot stand by them that they – these faults, these weaknesses or this problem – are part of our personality. They – this weakness or problem – exist in order to show something and explain to us, which we shall never comprehend when neglecting attentively. Only consequent acknowledgement of our split parts will lead us to become again united and wholly. To be whole and united again can change our weakness to utmost strength as the inner child must not demonstrate the differentiating anymore and we have comprehended what really was the matter. The inner child starts smiling and rejoices with us. It now may dissolve, as it has become infinite part of ourselves since we have accepted it.

Are you aware what I have written down here for you? Do you know now what everything you have to do with yourself in order to progress again one step forward? Do love all your parts, do love yourself and everything that is you. If you have learned this lesson, you may evoke change of yourself for this is the purpose of our journey on Mother Earth.

I wish you good success and a joyful meeting with our inner child.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


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