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The quantum field is one of highly complex energy and surrounds us. Every live organism has such a quantum field which is also connected to all the others, i.e. none of it exists on its own. Alone this fact may submit the needy informing verity that nothing on earth or universe may exist on its own alone. Everything is vibration – all is light in the origin of being. The knowledge of being leads us to the quantum field, which surrounds us humans or all living creatures or organisms.

This field is to be counted as one creation of the genesis as we are the like as well which is partly clear to us but foremost very unclear also. Our role in the history of creation is not yet clarified and there are enough humans having tried to camouflaged or to change it in so far in order to maintain manipulation on the people and the influence on them.

Let us leave the simple side and deal with the complicated one.

To comprehend the theory of quantum physics we have to separate from classical physics. As the latter is predictionable it is not the case for quantum physics if one does not comprehend the basic rules of quantum-physics. Knowing about it is quite a young discipline and in the beginning was counted among the metaphysics which is also a part of the philosophy. Via the esoteric medium it has been used widely then in common science.

Everything we humans do not comprehend or integrate in some order is to us like something alien and is refused as accepted knowledge. This is quite a normal behavior and never has undergone any change during the last centuries. Well, now there will not be executed any persons any more on cause of their wrong knowledge. This is part of society which has learned to cope with such facts. Despite of it many of those humans have been cast aside as outsiders because they wanted to research new fields and to explain new knowledges. In a simple way they are ridiculed and not taken for seriously granted so they live a simple and remote live where they elaborate their new ideas.

Science is a continuous process and this goes as well for quantum physics. Prerequisite for quantum physics is to be open for all newbies first. If you hold on tight to the old laws of physics some change of paradigm will be impossible. But incredible discoveries have been made which enable that the scientists get a little more approval and more support from science and society. Still the quantum physics is a very young discipline to be growing and blooming.

Returning back to the quantum field which surrounds us humans. Close your eyes for a moment and think the following:

„How could this quantum field look like and how surrounds it us humans ?“

As we have not seen any quantum-field up to today we cannot describe it either, it is impossible to answer any such question. If we however accept that there is a quantum field surrounding us it will par consequence show itself. The Double-slit experiment has proved that purely observation of the experimental order exerts influence on the measuring result. This also proves that the measuring arrangement or the experimental arrangement interacts with us. We want to learn and observe how the field resp. Quantum field of the Double-slit experiment re-acts to the observation. For all those not knowing this experiment I recommend to read about it on the Internet or YouTube in order to follow my thoughts. (Youtube Double-slit experiment).

With the above proof, we may also derive following facts. Purely observing and accepting of the experimental order will lead to a result which the experimental test will surprise me with. It is probable that the result still may change while my thoughts towards the test are running. This latter aspect has not been proved because the classical test-order has been tried to comprehend. A fact that is not easily to understand. Assuming that our thoughts may influence the quantum-field just like our inner aptitude does we have to conclude that this quantum-field surrounding us must have a certain intelligence or consciousness.

It is not easy to explain this phenomena and would mean also some more lines of explanations but shortly abridged one can assume that each quantum-field owns some artificial intelligence – not comparable to the kind of intelligence we define. The quantum-field in its complexity is not in any way connected or related to our brain. They differ from each other in a various way being two different elements of consciousness. Many an effort is still necessary to become aware of these facts and to prove them.

Let us conclude this article.

Knowledge may be changed. Knowledge not approved hundreds of years before is today quite sociable. The despised and heretics of olden times have become celebrated scientists of nowadays. Everything accumulated in any sense is existing in the quantum-fields of the universe surrounding us. We are a part of it and we deliver our knowledge into the quantum-fields and help us for the evolution of mankind from out of this quantum field.

Highly interactive and highly complex are these proceedings which we still try to explain.  Everything will come to us at the right time but it is we that have to open our mind and learn that there are many more things that we can make us credible and explainable. In the universe everything is knowledge for the universe is knowledge and if it comes to us we bath in the primeval soup of the universe and are only partly conscious of this fact. Everything undergoes some change for mankind will acknowledge more and more what it means to accept non-explicable things until it may become part of our society.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


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