The Cosmic Field of 4th and 5th Dimension – the cosmic messenger pigeon

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If us told of humans which are fully awake we learn that they perceive things differently than those not yet awoke. This is not dependent that those not yet awoken lack intelligence or are stupid. Intelligence is not produced by creation but by mankind the latter of which is naturally a product of creation. The take up of things or better intelligence to explain or analyze them is dependent on the power of the sub-consciousness and has nothing to do with the amassment of the brain. Everything the human is able to do is produced by the sub-conscious doing of the human soul which we as human being become aware of and experience as consequence.

As described above everything that we may perceive and recognize, is produced by our sub-consciousness. To be awake means that the soul delivers pieces of information to the consciousness which is needed in order to become aware of a farther and new experience being a fully awake person. To wake up is a process in itself and this alone is actually already the most essential by-product. How has this to do with the 4th and 5th dimension at all? That you will ask yourselves and it is simple to reply thereto.

The attention is directed to everything necessary to accumulate new experiences and impressions on the route of awakening. It is alike with the dimensions. Among esoterics or ones interested in mystics one takes to auxiliaries in order to explain things which our mind is able to grasp or perceive in fragments only. Our mind has its characteristic possibilities to perceive things and bring them into some order etc. Most of the cases it is thus that many aspects of life stay hidden at all. It is not possible for our mind to perceive certain things as some certain pre-requisites are not given.

During the awakening process the human mind changes and not only this but the mode also how information is being taken up. It is the heart as deputy for the soul possess all the possibilities to perceive and everything connected thereto all energies. It is likewise possible for the heart to inform the mind of all the essential things in suitable form. This goes for various prepared elements of which science has not yet some knowledge since these elements cannot be made visible for measuring tools and scanners too.

We are multidimensional beings possessing a certain energy and a soul, which represents also our sub-consciousness. It is the soul that defines what we may perceive and get aware of. There is not anybody on earth able to influence this process. Many are of the opinion the growth of the soul could be influences by rituals and mantras but this is not so. It is on the soul alone to decide whether it is done or not. If it in the soul contract that somebody might have some out-of-body experience or getting an elucidation this is not dependent on the cause of healing process but is due to the fact of the time-planning of the soul that it may happen so. For one or another these are no good news or you perceive that you have been led up the garden path.

But beware of your sayings as it happens always again that people may have gone through some healing process or other causes with such experience and then assume this or that was the cause for being the catalyst for this kind of evolution. Anyway to judge means also that one has to know everything before drawing one´s conclusion and please believe me, we do not know anything and this will stay so for a long time until there will come a timeline when we may acknowledge step for step our true potential.

Now back to the dimensions that I have started to explain further upwards. Dimensions are being explained by science and this has proved quite a successful job. It is quite simple to explain the 3rd and 4th dimensions but all the rest what is beyond the 4th dimension will not be explainable anymore because we lack the terms and the experience for it. For all those who love simplicity for the sake simplicity I have an explanation not needing any more information. Dimensions are levels of vibrations and experiences and this is really the pure truth. How do we perceive various dimensions depends on our status of consciousness and cannot in no ways be influenced.

Somebody of the 4th dimension may perceive another human od the 3rd and 2nd dimension. Vice versa, it is only possible if somebody of the 4th Dimension alters down as far so that somebody in the 3rd dimension may recognize it. Each level of vibration has further sub-levels and each sub-level offers still further levels of experience. Just as if you would alter the frequencies on a radio and listening to different sending station. One sender plays music only and on the other one is only texts or reports. This is imaginatively described with our experience we may make here on earth.

It is essential to know that each experience we are going through is highly connected with vibrations resp. frequencies. When I want to have a certain experience the universe will create a surrounding conforming to the frequency sent out. Wish and experience resonate to each other and dissolves energetically. The universe supplies exactly according to what we ordered and this may be a very helpful acknowledgement if we want to influence our own experiences. We humans are great masters in cultivating bad or inefficient thoughts. These thoughts and emotions are energies resp. vibrations and are being received by the universe. You must imagine the universe is a large copying machine and supplies to us the corresponding frequencies in order to equivalence the energy. Do I have positive thoughts the universe supplies the experience conforming my inner attitude. With negative thought, it is alike. I always get what I have ordered.

Reality and our surrounding adapt themselves to our vibrations. Many people know that planet earth, the universe and all living beings are in an evolutionary process of creation in the time of now. The matter in this process is such to make primarily experiences of us humans and the creation of all may accordingly experience itself via us. We all are part of all creation and we experience what our souls have planned for us. As we get more and more conscious with the increased vibrations, we accordingly may perceive our life more consciously. We are becoming Co-creators and therefore may influence this process quite well.

The Soul-contract still has a lot of meaning but it is possible to form one´s life and to influence it is growing. Once there will be a time-line when the soul will have reached its goal and must not follow any longer its contract. As from this point, the human being now the avatar that is the tool for its soul takes over becoming the creator. It is not true that the soul steps out of the game and leans back. No, we do perceive our soul even more and learn that the soul all the more looks for ascension and eventually will find it too. The increase of vibration will consequently have our separation from al lower energies of hatred, brutality, fears and fury because we will not be receivers any more for these vibrations and frequencies. These feelings, these emotions then do not correspond to our level of experience any longer and consequently we might live our life much more pleasant.

Many humans have already experienced it in their own life. Everything is easy to handle, we are able to look through people simpler than before and know exactly what is to be done as we follow our soul-contract more and more and simpler. This is due to our intuition, which is by and by more efficient. We do live and experience it on quite a different level and we much more fun.

This is my conclusion and here are the most important facts:
Vibrations and frequencies are equals and represent levels of experience. Science has tried to pack these into one model and we call these accordingly dimensions. We do can perceive from higher dimension deeper ones but vice versa, it is only possible if the higher vibrating one lowers his frequencies to the advantage of the lower vibrating one so that the latter might meet him. This is all one has to know and the remain rest will come by itself.

Have much fun when discovering your own experience and look out for vibrations suiting yours.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


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