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When we change ourselves this will affect our surrounding as well. When we change ourselves this is, most because life has taught us something and we are adapting us to this something, since this is not function with us anymore. With the latter, I mean that it does not fit to us any more or no longer is of any use to us. If we let pass the last few years like a revue we get conscious of one thing: that no stone has been left on others in the old order. Many things disturbing us in the past do not threaten us anymore and others which pleased us tremendously suddenly do not appear so well any more. Holding such a review we become aware that many things have been altered with in the years.

There is only one existing problem that we do not hold such a review so frequently and satisfy ourselves living our life which is at disposal of us. However, when once and again stop short with our life we could gain again elusive and instructive information showing us what all we have gained in life. Certainly, there are people which know thus that everything has gone from bad to worse and again others learning that everything has become better. Each according to their inward perception whether their past was a glass half full or half empty. The view with which one has gone through some past experience is essential and may us assist to take life simpler and to interpret them in such a way. If we however like to stay in the old negative energy and regard us as victims, further we also may gain something out of such negative review. We might learn that like this it cannot go on or we may come to the opinion we have to change somehow in order to gain some happiness again in life.

How you define to be happy – this is quite a justified question at this point?

Happiness differs for each and everybody. One part of mankind wants riches, others want health or desire to hold the love of their life in their hands. Mankind is so manifold in its wants so that each want has something in itself showing and demonstrating to us a certain feature to find love of one´s life would for instance be a good first start to follow up or go deeper into. What is the definition to find the Love of your Life? This again will obtain different replies of those people concerned. To love oneself has to be the first – one has to try first to have success herein. Only after we have learned to love and esteem ourselves we may love somebody else. If one has never experienced one´s own love for him/herself in the real way – one can never comprehend really what love is to somebody else.

Besides everything to comprehend, Love is totally an impossible attempt! Love IS and nothing more! Love cannot be defined because Love may be defined as that something which may rise and grow in our SELVES. If we – for instance – do not love ourselves we are conveying it to the outside. And according to the Law of Resonance the universe has to deliver us some replying echo and this will not at all please us. Thus, we shall be still farther separated from ourselves as we are then of the opinion that love is defined from the outside. Now the truth is that Love is defined from the human inside. Love resp. Love to your Self is the greatest power in us and we may create everything from it, which is relevant for us. In case we love our Self’s – we are loving Life and all these accompanying us in it. Then we have the best of all prerequisites to be happy.

May we be happy if we do not have the love for our Selves? According to my above explanation, this is in the simply to be answered. Where there is no love in ourselves nowhere may rise love in the outside either. Do you see the pattern, resp. the connections? We all are programmed to direct us always to the outside and thereby the inside view is the best way to learn something about our Self’s. In the inside of us, there is light shining in the purest and lightest way there is. It appears as if generates an energy of light which is all-embracing. We have forgotten to discover our own light since we always look to the outside to define ourselves reflected via the outside. As inside – so the outside – this is a saying with a great quantity of truth and we may really accept this truth for it is godlike and all embracing.

Let us attempt to look into a mirror daily and to smile to our face then we have found some way to communicate with our inside. In addition, the inside react at once with everything we think about ourselves. We can accept or refuse the image which is presented to us. If we do not accept our inner light attempting to expand in us will retire since it has obtained the challenge from the outside not to shine as we are of the opinion we are not valuable to be looked at. Our inner light reacts to our thoughts and pronunciation in any case and all the times. Knowing this should help you that you first have to build some sort of relation with your Self before commencing some relation to somebody else in the outside. This is one of the essential rules of all if you want to fell in love in any case. Your very first love should be to your Self and then comes the 2nd Love which then is in waiting for you outside once you shine your corresponding signal or light out. Your light wants to expand and to uncloak the whole world but with your thought, you are always busy to serve the outside world – forgetting thereby that you have to serve yourself first.

The Law of Resonance says that what you are sending out you will get in return again. Are conveying love – love again will be returned. Do you send out fear, mistrust and lack of self-trust, the universe has to give you exactly the same so that you get your confirmation. This law is quite simple but to apply it asks from us quite a lot as our mind very often there blocks the way and our thoughts are powerful instruments to deviate us from our core inside. Please focus yourself to your heart and your soul since from there it is that you obtain only the pure and godlike love and nothing else. Leave your focus there – on your heart and your soul and feel into it growing and getting stronger. If you can sense a change of feeling, you have done already the first step forward. Did you not feel anything, stop short and think it over whether you do not betray yourself or do you not accept yourself as you are, it is only you that you can change this, not anyone else and it is change this article is about.

Be aware you are the CHANGE and you can alter all your reality around you, as long you are true and loving to yourselves. You are a powerful human being with a wonderful godlike energy wanting to research the whole wide world. Let go of your Light – let it shine and you will be free!

The cosmic messenger pigeon


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