Waking up is an adventure worthwhile – the cosmic messenger pigeon

Aufwachen<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

All of us have heard much about ascension. There is much channeled material and books about this subject and I would like to depict you my wholly private view and experience thereto too. If you feel like it you may participate also and report your experience down below in the category of comments so that we all can profit by it adding to all our experiences hitherto.

But before everything I want to stress the point that the whole drama around this topic „ascension“ is rather too big as many of mankind have sub originated their whole life to this theme forgetting thereby that we have a life here too on earth which we must live as well. When I speak about ascension – which I do less and lesser – I change to the term „process of waking up“ as the ascension is part of the latter process and will be reported more detailed in the following. If you cannot report anything of the described details, everything is in order with you and your life and such experience still will be waiting for you as we humans also have not equal needs of sleep. Some rise up earlier than others do and in the same way it is with ascension resp. with the process of waking up for a new consciousness.

If somebody wakes up later it is because the planning’s of his/her soul has fixed the waking up to a certain period and as this will not happen at once, it has to do with a step wise happening since your consciousness may adapt itself to the new feeling and new possibilities. I myself go through this experience each day anew. When I look back on all that has happened with me. Waking up is another term for:

„To become aware and sense what you are really capable of!“

Being connected to your soul, your Higher God self, and your spiritual Mentor resp. your Guide you will enjoy to experience this process with their support and participation. There is no need that one must have contact to his/her soul, his/her Higher Self, or spiritual Mentor when awaking. Each soul will experience it very individually and differently.

When it comes to me there was at first my contact to my higher God self and then to my spiritual Mentor resp. my Guide, then came the connection to my soul. These were the steps I went through before I actually realized that I was waking up. You may now question how this is felt when waking up. Well, it is that one is better connected to everything around. With your own soul, with your higher God self. With all lighted beings and all humans, which are around you. But the connection can have that strength only which is foreseen in the soul´s planning. Everything is in order with you if this connection or descriptions had run with you differently.

As humans, we are apt to compare ourselves to others. This I have done also and sometimes I am catching myself doing it again still now. There is nothing bad to it if one admires another person for his/her capabilities. Yet it does not must turn out looking at oneself as weaker or less valuable than that person, which one’s sees in a different vision than oneself. This is very unproductively and does not lead absolutely anywhere. In such situations, I learned to say to myself always again that everything is in good order and that I have to be right in this order how I have wished it for myself before I have incarnated on this wonderful earth.

Stepwise I am rubbing my sleep out of my eyes while realizing that my surrounding has changed, that I have changed also. As I sense everything and realize, everything is much more focused and perfect than before and that I can trust my path is the right one when I do not just experience a small blockage because I doubt myself a little. Doubts help a lot to join one´s thoughts with something inward, which has not been healed altogether. These doubts or else making me turn away from my ideal line – they make me going through the same experience once again because I am still not prepared to let go of certain old energies and experiences.

With the help of the Ascended Master St.Germain I give my system a thorough cleansing and explain myself with the help of my soul or my higher God self the situation at hand so that I may comprehend why such feelings have rose up. Everything serves to be healed and this also forms part of the Waking -up-process.

Once we will be completely awakened, which allover may last many years and then we shall have some completely different fundamentation or basis with which we shall cope and experience our life. Everything will get simpler and better. Where none negative emotions are there are also none facts of disturbances hindering me in my happiness. Now, I myself have not come so far but already a good way thereto for I have in my role and function resp soul planning to accompany all the others still asleep and support them when they are in the wake-up-process. Many of the light worker experience this while being in the phase of waking-up and this still will drag along some longer time line.

With the support of those, still asleep the actual soul plan of the majority of light worker comes into action. Thereby I mean that many light workers and starseeds are here and incarnated on earth for this same reason. They have decided to support human mankind on earth with their energy and knowledge. However, as we all have same frames of conditions here a starseed has to go through the same process like all the other souls. There are a very few humans which have incarnated here fully awake. They are here because they have or had some special mission to follow.  One example is Gandhi who was one of these humans since most people still will know him, as his lifetime does not lay back so much. There are still some others but they are not made known so much.

Concluding this excerpt, I have left aside certain details regarding the process of Waking-up. Otherwise, I would spoil something for you and I do not want to do this. If I had explained to you explicitly all details already, today I would have taken the great chance from you to go through your own experience. To experience this on your own life is also part of your ascension resp. Process of Waking-up, which I have described to you in excerpts.

However, when I look into future times and this with my inner senses and help of my soul I do become aware of all the wonderful potentials, which will evolve duly. Humankind moves always faster within the spiral form of the ascension-process resp. the procedure of waking-up-process. Thereby I think that each quality of time has ascension in its program and that ascension takes place for each human wholly individually. Everything coming now is scheduled that humankind will sail to a peaceful and wonderful age. On this route, the clipper still has to sail around some shallow banks and to pass several storms, which belong to human experience before we will reach quiet waters.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


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