Each beginning always entails a foregoing end – the cosmic messenger pigeon

alpha-and-omega<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

A new beginning always is also the end of a foregoing process, which was concluded before, and this concluded process will never come back as the soul knows only one thing, which is growing. The soul knows the path but does not know all details, which the soul will get aware of since it wants to grow, while experiencing the actual process. If the soul knew everything, it could never grow but only experience and integrate it. But to integrate only does not suffice the soul as it wants more.

When a soul decides to incarnate on earth it has rather a big choice of possibilities to get aware of which path of learning and experiencing it will choose. Experience may turn out in a manifold or very simple way. Each soul decides what kind of experience it is to go through so that eventually the soul knows what is meant by growing. There are incarnations in which a soul has had many experiences and others when a soul only wants to recreate. The latter then mostly takes place with alike minded other souls having this kind of incarnation chosen as well. All souls are imbedded in a certain frequency of energy so that they are not exposed to the dramatic side of the earth and of mankind. It appears as if with these souls everything, which is around them, will pass by them without touching them in any way.

Souls needing a recreation had gone through several or one incarnation asking much of the souls and therefore the concerned soul will sort of balance their energies which had been stressed too much in the foregoing incarnations. Energies may regenerate in the most different ways and one of it we shall elucidate today more distinctly.

The loss of energy which a soul experienced respectively tolerated has nothing to do with losing energy actually as energy can never be lost anyhow. But it is possible that a soul can separate itself from the godlike stream comparable to a water-tap that is turned off until only a few drops of water are spilled. The effect from it is that a soul feels reduced and drawn out leading to some malnourishment of it. The latter again makes a soul powerless and without any indicatives depriving it of any liking for life. All this may be corrected so that the soul may remember what it means to be connected again to the godlike stream of love.

When we feel without initiative and power this may have various reasons to be searched for in the physical world. Working too hard, too long or too much – have sports overdone or lacking enough sleep. All this is not to be compared with the malnourishment of the soul. Because the soul is totally differently nourished than the body. Our physical body has its own needs and in most cases, we fulfill these needs. Our souls have needs too but we rarely or not at all come up to them. There are manifold reasons for it but the main reason for it is that we do not know that a soul has to be recharged, like a battery or an accumulator.

Our soul needs the energy of the Creator, which can be realized in the simplest way. One connects to one´s own soul by concentrating on one´s center. Find yourself a quiet moment and the energies flow like a stream via the crown-chacra into you. These energies will provide the soul with the needy rechargement within minutes wonderfully and invigorates it to its joy.

I recommend doing this several times a day and you are provided with energy for the soul always in most wonderful ways. You will need only one to two minutes to invest to make your soul feeling well. Further, I recommend that after completion of this energetical recharging you ground yourself with Mother Earth. She is our ship and our home country gliding quietly through space in a still way. She says that it is love for your soul that bonds her to you while I am writing this now. And so it is for Gaia takes her task very serious and wants to help us whenever it is possible. I have had only positive experiences and can report these if speaking of the assistance Mother Earth always has given me.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


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