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QuantumAccess<< Translated by Eva-Maria / ContraMary >>

Access to the quantum level is always possible for mankind, but our limited mind is likewise limited to overcome and go beyond all these barriers. But if we could persuade ourselves to blow up such limitation once created ourselves we would gain full access to all levels of quantum.

We explain with the help of physics everything proved and measured, we face however that problem not being in possession of suitable means in order to make us the quantum level accessible. Pre-requisite is that we first get rid of our state of mind. Thereby new eventualities will appear which again will lead to new inventions of wholly new corresponding measuring instruments which will prove the existing quantum level.

Now, how do we get rid of our present state of mind to get the desired access to the quantum level? A majority of mankind have access to the quantum level but it is only a certain defined region of it. All mankind and everything existing in the universe is together connected and united in this quantum-universe. Everything is joined with all there is and this from calculated beginning of times if we reckon with the concept of old duality times.

How are we able to enlarge the limited access to the quantum level? This is only possible in a limited way as its access is closely linked to our actual consciousness. If our consciousness will be changed the access to the quantum level will do it likewise. Now there are a few people who have certain qualities and those enable them to obtain pieces of information which can be downloaded from the quantum-consciousness of the universe. Such doings are automatically done by human souls and Higher Selves as otherwise it would challenge to much our consciousness.

So when something is loaded down by us from the quantum level it will never arrive directly at our conscious level but will be transmitted by our sub consciousness to it being also a part of our soul. Human receiver able to tap quantum levels consciousness is the human pituitary gland which is able to receive light as information from the quantum consciousness as all information from there is transmitted in form of light.

The brain alone cannot elaborate nor process light and hereby the pituitary gland serves to translate light. The pituitary gland transforms the information of light into electric signals which can be processed by the brain, transforming is done and realized according to each human with differing consciousness and is dependent of the latter, People with a high grade of consciousness have also a very distinct awareness and therefore high cognitive abilities. This has nothing to do with a high grade of human intelligence but with the fact that many people limit themselves assuming they are limited in such way or not equipped with enough intelligence.

Intelligence as defined by science is only part of what makes a man human. Nothing is understood at all by humans as long as they do not believe in their possibilities. Those who limit themselves with such a pattern of belief make themselves stupid or even not intelligent. Those who know how to overcome this kind of limitation will find that they really may transform everything, resolve, comprehend, and explain because they have access to all possible fields. The only limitation is each prevailing soul contract as it can be planned therein that somebody is born with „little intelligence“ or stupid. Stupid is completely relative as it says only how fast somebody comprehends or may learn something new.

Humans however have the chance incited by eventual possibilities to break through this barrier and to delete their limitations laid down in their soul contract. This can only be done in case they have the apt energy for every soul contract is linked with this certain kind of energy. That will mean if I do not make it today perhaps I succeed tomorrow or within one month or years according to when this limitation has been desired.

Concluding this little excerpt about quantum physics. People become aware more and more of the quantum level. With the consciousness of time to come we shall be able to explain everything. At the time being we are still limited and this goes for everybody here on earth be him so elucidated at any high degree. Everybody experiences his shortcoming in his personal individual way. Set your mind to resolve your barriers to the quantum level and start with following little exercise. This is to help you to make the quantum level accessible for you.

Try to empty your mind, Thereby I mean that you have to free your mind from everything that keeps you busy. It is difficult to reach out to quantum level with a full mind. After you have centered yourself, grounded to earth and you are calmed down you may assume that your heart resp. your soul has linked the desired connection. Likewise you may assume that your will give you every support during this process.

Now imagine that a large cloud – your own personal cloud – is hovering and enlarging over you. Visualize that there is a connection from your heart building up to the cloud and likewise your personal cloud is building up the same. This connection mounts up and up into the universe where the central sun is located. Rumors say the „Central Sun“ is the source of All There Is and this is so. Your cloud is now linked to the central sun- In this our case the central sun represents the cosmic consciousness although the latter exists everywhere in the universe and has no fixed location for itself, yet it is part of the universe, of All-There-Is.

Now there it is – the connection – and you are inquiring: „Who am I and what am I doing here on earth?“ Do you get an answer? In the positive this answer will be quite individual for each one and I cannot give any true answer what will be expected by you. Will there not be any answer you may assume that it is not foreseen to realize this connection at the present given time, but you have to also assume that at any time you will be linked to the „Source“ but your software resp. your DNA still has to be activated then you will get necessary access to quantum level to receive pieces of information.

However be aware that there might be inner obstacles to hinder to up build this connection although this may be possible if you could get rid of your limitation. This barrier you have laid yourself and defined in your soul contract before incarnating here. Without this – which I have too – mankind would have access to all levels and our consciousness would be completely overwhelmed with everything streaming into it.

To round up this fact there is something else:

Mankind is just now on the way to resolve this limitation. With the now downloading energy to earth we are able to overwrite our software resp. our DNA. This software is stored in the DNA of every human and this part is signified of science as „Junk DNA“ and without use. However science will soon recognize this part being the most essential one because linked to our level of experience. This barrier of which I have written above here, is defined in this our software i.e. with growing awake of consciousness more and more people will resolve their limitations and stepwise they will then gain access. First there will be only few of us and later the number will increase.

We human beings are steering this process via our mutual soul contracts defined by us before incarnation. If we had the appropriate means we could read them in the Akasha Chronicle. Mankind is on a long journey back to its source.

We are in the middle of the ascension process which is leading us back to our own godlikeness.  We are within a big change caused by the actual time and energy and this change is pacing in great steps. Many wake up more each new day in recognize that they never were separated from their source. It were only by our assumption, our conditioning, and our soul contract that these barriers and obstacles stood up in our way which all will be resolved by us mutually.

Are you set and prepared to resolve your limitations then say it loud: .enough is enough and I am fed up of any limitation and barriers. If deep inside of you, you believe these words it will arrive in your reality because you are creating your reality yourselves.

The cosmic messenger pigeon


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3 Kommentare zu “About the possible access to the quantum level – the cosmic messenger pigeon

  1. Lieber Marc Ich würde gerne den Blog lesen .Da ich leider kein Englisch kann ist das für mich nicht möglich. Es würde mich freuen wenn es auch in Deutsch wäre .Ein herzlichen Dank dir für deine wunderbare Texte. Dir alles Liebe Ursina

    Gefällt mir

    • Hallo Ursina,

      Ich empfehle Dir im Blog nach unten zu scrollen und dann wird der Deutsche Text bzw. die Veröffentlichung auch zu Verfügung gestellt werden. Ich schreibe die Texte immer zuerst auf Deutsch und dann wird der Text von einer wunderbaren Fee auf Englisch übersetzt. Also, immer schon nach unten scrollen in der Übersicht und dann wird der Deutsche Text auch vorhanden sein.

      Danke für Dein Feedback und viel Spass beim Lesen.

      Gefällt mir

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