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EmotionenThis is a continuation of an article which deals with fear (What Fear wishes to Share with Us) which I published already. Fear is one of many emotions which we experience as a human being on earth. Emotions are serving us humans to grow and to recognize what it means to feel other emotions besides Love. In the higher dimensions only Love exists as an emotion. All other emotions are absent in the higher dimensions because the necessary energy or frequency is absent. To experience emotions that vibrate at lower frequencies we need a corresponding environment. Without the matching environment these lower vibrational emotions are non-existent.

I wish to know what we can deduct from this fact and Light has the following answer:

When we create an environment of Love lower frequency emotions cannot survive. An emotion with lower frequency cannot evolve because the field of resonance where the lower emotion can manifest is absent. That means we first have to create an environment where this type of emotion can form and manifest.

We can profit from this realization or fact by using this realization to our advantage. As we create an environment of Love within ourselves these lower vibrational emotions cannot manifest in our reality. As we are Love, pure Love, we are unable to receive these lower vibrating emotions. Thus the lower vibrating emotion dissolves and is non-existent.

How do we create this Sacred Space of Love within us you may ask and Light provides the following answer:

Humans are able at all times to feel purest Love within us as we remove all barriers. These barriers are things that prevent our heart and our soul to express our full potential. Our soul is Light, our soul is Love and therefore the soul can create everything necessary to provide a sacred space of LOVE.

Thus we have to confront our limitations in order to become pure Love, pure Light.

This is a necessary process of healing. This process is in full force for many years. The Ascension process is none other than a collective healing process on earth and in the universe, since we know that all is connected. As one human heals it impacts other humans. As many humans heal the whole earth is impacted. As all humans on earth heal it will impact the entire Universe to the point that the system tips.

The system tips as there is a certain amount of humans or souls embark upon the path of healing. First in the microcosm then in the macrocosm, that is how it is planned and happens each day anew. This process requires a few decades and will change so much that we will behold the results in clearer and clearer fashion. First we will realize this within ourselves and then notice it with more and more human companions. It will become like a positive virus that will infect all humans. This virus will proliferate so fast that all humans after this tipping point is reached will be infected in seconds with Love of Self (within Self).

This virus will then spread in the anatomy (body) in such a way that Love will completely usurp Body, Mind and Spirit and irrefutable change will manifest in all realms (on all levels).

This virus is present in all of us and is spreading more and more. The challenge is that that the effectivity of this virus depends on the belief in our Selves. This virus reacts to our thoughts. The clearer, the purer and the more loving we are the more efficacious it is for this virus to proliferate and affect us speedily.

This explanation just elucidates that we ourselves determine how fast our inner change is achieved and how speedily we progress.

Herewith I come to the closing of my treatise.

Humans possess all the facilities to accompany us through this change to Love. All we need is within us. The soul is our tool and our consciousness is the element we need to convince. Our awareness changes through the Love and Light that is descending upon earth. We are constantly bombarded by this Light and Love and this causes our brain to develop an understanding which empires us to grow and to see our soul desire.

All in all an adventure which must be experienced viscerally, an account of it has no effect. Only to experience consciously the Change leads us to Ascend to a new level of frequency and this is present for us every day. Every day of our lives, we ascend.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon
Translated from German to English by Sixtina Friedrich


Copyright © Cosmic Messenger Pigeon. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. https://kosmischebrieftaube.wordpress.com


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