10 – Going on a Journey – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodPlanning a Journey will always entail thinking about everything to be taken with oneself. However, if one does not know where this journey will go to – it is most likely that one does not take the rightful matters on this journey and later on has to find out at the spot of destination that wrong matters have been taken on this journey.

What do I mean with this expression in respect of the subject: „Travelling – Journeying?“ and how is it linked to this very subject?

Now this again is quite simple and will be explained here. Just imagine: always again you will be confronted in your life that you have to react and do something for which you could not prepare yourself adequately in advance. Be it some funeral in the family, be it some very unexpected and spontaneous displacement in your professional field or some very near and beloved person has fallen ill all of a sudden. Such are the situations without any patents – recipes – nor checklists because one is confronted with sort of situations being completely new to cope with.

How shall such situations be dealt with if there was nothing like this in our life before?  There is nothing like some patented recipe for it – such will be our final solution to it. However, despite of everything there does exist one yet it is one never been learned before. Since this is not taught in any school and never has been running in the curriculum of any educational institution.

How this may be learned if one cannot learn about it anyway? Well, this question too may very easily be responded to. Nobody has to learn it the hard old way – for each one and everybody human is in possession of it and does not apply this valuable knowledge at all rendering it thus that it has been withered altogether.

That is why we shall start to elaborate for us again the essential basics of such knowledge so that it may be stirred up and applied again. Take it for granted that every human being is carrying this knowledge deep in his/her heart. Nobody must recall it in any way but just practice a bit of exercising and applying it which might be done at any time. Now, how is that being done if nobody knows where to begin?

This too may be explained here in a short and concise way.

With your thinking and all your concentration – attention – dive deep into your heart’s realm. Become aware of the latter one and note that your heart is speaking to you. Yes, it is true: your heart is communicating with you. Who said so? Our heart always speaks to us – always – in such a case when there is something to tell us. Unfortunately, only very few people are listening to it and thus miss some wonderful opportunity in order to experience – to learn – and to sense more about it.

Since many people do not know some vital fact – that the human heart is like a brain still entirely different than a human brain which we have known until now. This goes for its construction too which is totally different too – applying some entirely other intelligence and offering eventualities which the brain is lacking.

Now, what is it the heart may offer here – you would like to know and I am telling you the following:

The human heart has much more capabilities than are assumed since it has been forgotten to perceive our heart in its true way as it is. Yes, it does not represent solely the physical constituent of our body but it is acting as „Deputée of our Soul“ too. And thereby I mean that in the „Esoteric Scene“ the human heart is always be considered representing the human soul as well since human people may find it easier to perceive this kind of image.

Shall we baptize this child here and from now on shall we call it „Soul“ since this is its true and rightful designation. It is the „Soul“ of each and every human being which is its eternal part of everybody here – outlasting all humans and their existence. If the physical presence – i.e. the human body and human spirit are dying – there will be left solely the „Soul“ and this being will seek its way back returning thus to „SPIRIT“  or what you may name the „non-physical part of life“.  Some will say it is „Heaven“ – other may call it „Nirvana“ and still there are a few regarding it as „Paradise“. Eventually it is all the same and will have none importance whatsoever to all those having no reference to it.

Now, did you arrive in your inner hearts or are you still on your quest whereto you have to concentrate yourselves?  Do not make it more difficult than it is! Just simply go into that specific field where you feel your heart is pounding. Be aware of your entire chest cavity and feel the huge power in there – in yourself! For all those which have not dealt in such a way with it – just assume that it is that way!  And now we have to cope with the most difficult part of all for which we may not refer back as guideline or proven experience.

Concentrate on some particular subject which keeps your mind busy or center your question around some important issue which you would like to have been responded to … and then proceed along the following line:

What kind of reply would you resort to when asking yourself this specific question? And then just put this your very reply right down into your inner heart and feel what is your heart’s or your „Soul’s“ spontaneous sensation in response to it! What is it that your „Soul“ is feeling?  Just repeat going into this kind of feeling again and make another attempt with all your perception what is your sensation of it!

At the very start of such procedure this may turn out like some exercise in developing patience since you may not turn to any experience of the alike sort! You may compare it to some muscle training in your body. If you devote yourselves to some regular training you will gain more strength – it will become more resilient and increase in size. Now, you’re „Soul“ will not become larger in size – however it is you who will perceive more and better your very own „Soul“ in due course with such regular training!

You do not believe me?  In such case you have already lost this game!  If you do not change this your attitude to it you won’t get anywhere! Make it your prerequisite that everything will go well – functioning successfully and that it needs only some little practicing of yours – in which case you will have done it – what? Thus you will have found another new and powerful friend! Somebody who never will let you down – always staying at your very side – and which will support everything you do in the 24 hours of any day of your life. Did you now see reason what kind of advantage you may gain winning over such kind of friend for yourself?

Be rest assured – never you will want to miss this new friend of yours once you have met him – since without him life will become much more difficult and complicated. Let us now conclude this little journey to your brand-new friend here. If you start training this a little and believe in him too you will succeed finally – I assure you!

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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