What Fear wishes to Share with Us – the cosmic messenger pigeon

Scared_GirlFear is an emotion that arises to remind us that we live in an illusion or rather that we live an illusion. However this is difficult to accept. Each human deals with fear differently and there is no cosmic recipe besides the fact that fear is an illusion. When this illusion is dissolved fear disappears.

In fact fear does not disappear it dissolves. This emotion dissolves as one confronts, bears and even embraces it. This happens as one tries to understand why fear is present at all.
When I reflect on my fear I understand it exists because I lived through events in childhood that are difficult to digest. I had developed a strategy to fade out fear and to reject it. This is similar for most humans since they do not wish to experience this fear. Someone told me once fear is your friend, which I could not understand at all at the time. Now I know fear is here to show me the following:

  • Fear is my friend so as to listen to my friend when he speaks to me. My friend wishes to clarify that he is here bring something closer to me. In my case it is my childhood and the buried fear:
  • My friend wishes to show me that he is present here to teach me something. He teaches me that fear is part of the illusion that we all live in. When I accept this fear and recognize that I can learn from my friend then fear diminishes. Fear assumes a face which I can gaze upon;
  • My friend, fear, also wishes to communicate that it is time to make peace with him. He wishes me to be open and accept him as friend when I am ready;

At this point I am not yet ready to see Fear as my Friend and that is acceptable for me. I am not ready yet to invest myself totally to confront my friend, fear. I will be ready when I understand the circumstance that have led to this fear. When I fully and completely understand the origin, the face of my friend, fear, transforms. It becomes a face that I understand, that I can categorize and as soon as understand it I am able to let it go.

Here is what I can I gift my self, and you can also gift yourselves, since you also have a friend to make peace with when you are ready:

I can realize that a time comes when I understand it all, since we are supported strongly, and accept this fear. Furthermore I know that all takes time and certain energetics to change. Timing needs to be right because timing is tied to energetics so that this can transform and dissolve.

I am close to encounter my friend as the angels which accompany me are telling me. The angels are also explaining that I have to make the first step to make peace with my friend. As I move towards my friend one step and my friend moves towards me a step closer. Thus we meet half way and make peace in the middle. As peace pervades my friend will bid his good-bye as he has fulfilled his task.

My friend has other tasks to clear in my Being because my friend has many faces of various emotions which I have to work through. Thus my friend will stop by frequently until I clear all issues. When I have completed dealing with all the issues my friend will bid is permanent good bye because we had enough of each other. We part in peace since we do not need each other anymore, since we can develop on separate paths. Whereto my friend departs you may ask and I do not know since I do not know my life’s plan and neither the plan of my friend. You may understand that I do not wish to look into the eyes of my friend, since my friend does not want to take care of me anymore. I move forward and my energy had changed so dramatically, that he will not be able to find me anymore or rather I will not find him anymore since he has dissolved before my eyes.

This is a description of the process about the energies that are present in the first place to be dissolved when we have understood and learnt the lesson. Learning is experiencing, learning is understanding and most essentially all is an exciting journey back to Self.

Our innermost Essence is Light and in Light fear is non-existent. Light only knows Love and fear and other lower emotions have no existence in LOVE.

In this way I bid my friend goodnight or good day when he returns and I will thank him until I am ready to let him fully go. See you soon my friend, my teacher of the emotional energy field.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon
Translated from German to English by Sixtina Friedrich


Copyright © Cosmic Messenger Pigeon. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. https://kosmischebrieftaube.wordpress.com


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