09 – Those who acknowledge their true greatness – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodOne taking true note of his very own true greatness must have gone a long long way.

Such are the sayings which may be found in books. Every Guru – be he so well known for his reputation whatever – he had to go his very path. It is secondary whether he may carry this title or the designation „Guru“ rightfully so that we may leave this well beyond any consideration here.

Let us take it for granted that everyone has to proceed along his/her very personal-individual road in order to acquire true greatness. This very road may never-ever be comparable to anyone else’s way since there is a very personal way of life for everybody human here. And this is the very way to proceed along!

Manyfold experience has been passed through by the soul of some human being since it would not have been possible to incarnate for it here on Earth at the Time of Ascension in the Now! Only those fully tested by our all Creator and likewise fully experienced have been allowed by Him to incarnate here – since all Seats in the first Row have been limited and still are! Everybody wants to go through this way of learning and wants to take seats in the front row when the bell tolls for starting the mastership.

Now you might ask: „when did this mastership start?“ and I may respond to you that you are right in the middle of it – and that the very program of your ascension will soon come to its final end. And thereby I do mean that you eventually will finalize it soon.

Do let us return to the main subject of today’s script. Did you ever ask yourselves already what is really meant by the saying „To go along his/her very own path of life?“

Now each one of us has to go along his/her very individual path of life. Some of you …in a sort of sleeping state of being and others very attentively and wide awake! Now, how do you really walk along your personal way of life? Please, just pose this question to yourselves in a much more conscious mode and you will note that life then might offer you still more possible structures of consciousness in order to pass through it successfully! Live your life since it loves you wholeheartedly and wants to be embraced by you too!

How will I – just for myself – personally learn to know that I am more than solely physical existent here in the real presence of my being? How may I leave behind all my spiritual and physical limitations if all conditioning of my upbringing and being has been along the lines that one is confined only to everything which might be perceived, heard, felt and sensed or measured?

You might reply yourselves to that very question of yours – just go into your heart for some minutes or just leave yourselves to some calm and still minutes and ponder about my words …

And … did you find anything? Naturally, you will have found something and each one of you will have found something which differs greatly from the other ones.

It is as it is: all limitations, all your boundaries, your imaginative illusions … all of it … are part of your experiences which you wanted to go through. And this kind of learning process has prevented you from recognizing who you really are!

Now, there are many books, courses of tuition and various other possible means to become trained and educated – promoted in all these fields. Still, there is no book, no training whatsoever which will be of any help to you as long as you will not have the understanding of your very own heart towards it.

Solely by the comprehension of your heart you will be able to acknowledge really what you are – if the time is right and mature. This is the way towards your mastership building up itself before you now it is the path to knowledge! It will turn up visibly now – for all human beings – presenting itself to all your senses, acknowledgeable and still much more.

Do you now comprehend why that is so? The veil of forgetfulness will be lifted and very consciously you will eventually recognize who and what you essentially are.

This is the procedure which we call „Awakening“. It is the awakening to that particular part of yours which you are in reality. Awakening to that part has been prepared in yourselves for the wake-up since some long time but never has been really understood in its very essence.

Do not remonstrate with yourselves since this would be the entirely wrong way of doing. It will be like waking up from a „Long-Night’s-Dream“ recognizing it has been your very own dream all along – and which you have dreamed all your life up to now – and rising from such dream you have finally arrived in your real life. And such is this your life now which may offer you much more than any other life of your illusionary dreams before!

Now, you should clearly understand what has been endeavored so much to explain to you by all spiritual forces until now.

Please, try to attempt and take up these sage words full of wisdom right into your hearts and you will arrive shortly before your final target. For you – this will be the point of acceptance – you may then take up everything coming up to you!

All that will come to you – you will enjoy it. But for a few matters – which will be your personal awareness that up to that period you will not have lived your life in the real sense of it. You will recognize that you have spent your life in a sleeping state resp. dreaming one and therefore you may perhaps find it quite disconcerting too.

You will get used to this idea after some while and this sort of remembrance will slowly disappear from your mind. Instead you will enjoy all the more everything your new life has to offer you. Be all set and prepared to welcome it – embracing it with your open arms!

On the other side Spirit will be there – with a great Welcome – when you wake up!

Wake – up – Now! Accept the True Greatness of Yourselves!

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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