08 – Strong Belief will shift Mountains and will be supported by Willpower – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodIt is being said that strong belief will shift mountains – yet what is the use of such mountains being so huge and powerful – and when we are not really aware of whether being able to do such a thing at all?

Where there is some willed strong wishing – there will show up some way to do so too. If however willpower will not suffice to apply with such ado some activity or to master some issue – or to direct something else even into some certain direction?

Here I have two introductory statements which are to be scrutinized in a more exact way.

What may be the target of this little discourse here? Well, please pose this question to yourselves too since in your inner core you are already well aware of its answer. Just as with me – there will be an unfolding in yourselves of manifold ideas, approaches, conceptions or comparable results which may help us to elucidate the whole matter which I have introduced here.

Let us start now with the first part of our statement here. No mountains whatsoever of all the world will keep you off your own way! There is not any mountain high enough in order to compare to your own true greatness at all! Don’t look upon some mountain or mountains as such in some ways what they really are – since they are much less in comparison to you. Mountains are Mountains and Human People are Human Beings!  And nevertheless it is very tiring and strenuous to climb up a mountain – not to mention at least several mountains within in a certain given time.

Now what did I want to explain here with this parable of „Mountains“ and where in this short expertise all these examples may lead you to? Mountains are just to be taken and regarded here as substitutes for your very personal impediments confronting you daily in your life They are no more and no less some comparable image of your daily challenges.

Shall we now watch together all the details and demonstrate what Mountain and Obstacle resp. the Challenge have in common. These – obstacles and challenges are made in order that you experience therefrom some more learning too. Mountains are there to be seen and appreciated in all their beauty. And as beauty of the mountains may be experienced and felt in some very differing and various ways  this again may be applied to all challenges of life too.

If one is able to acknowledge that any challenge or even problematic position may have some -let us call it – certain „Sex-Appeal“ too, your attitude to it may thereby be changed altogether and will thus will turn out and display eventually some completely different energy.

One can make use of such energy then in order to apply some positive direction to the work piece or respective challenge under construction. This direction into the „Positiveness“ may lead to everything achieved successfully and capably – as long as one remains in the positive nature of it. Once you will leave such positive energy all given challenges will start becoming increasingly more difficult too. This is why you always have to safeguard that there is no mountain in the world which may take away from you this sort of positive energy.

Now let us deal with the 2nd statement above. „Where there is some strong willpower – there will open up itself some way to achievement too!“ However- willpower solely will not suffice in order to achieve something.

Willpower equals Power too in its very sense of it. Concentrated power in order to achieve something. However power on its own again will neither suffice here. As it is – power is of one-dimensional nature in its direction and has always to be uploaded with a certain amount of positive energy. And such energy does not derive from your very own will but from your positive inner attitude to the specific energy in respect of the matter – challenge at hand – at which that is under your construction or mastership too.

Be aware that by your willpower at some length you will be assisted to pursue your each and every respective goal. However in the final run it solely will turn out not being enough for you to go through with it for some longer period.

Do you, however, combine both of these aspects in order to influence or turn out something good out of  a particular challenge or some small project of yours and into some positive direction – you may not help yourselves otherwise than to alter your attitude towards it by way of such combination. You will become aware of it when standing before this your mountain. It is by such prior turning around to some rightful attitude to the matter at hand and your willpower too that will make you shift mountains and to arrive at your goal.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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