07 – Just to believe solely will not suffice – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodAlways again one arrives at the border of one’s mind and justified is the question then: „What is it that I shall do here now – I don’t know how I shall proceed onward from here too?“

Never give in into some sort of pressure and from the inner stillness and peace of mind you will notice quite well when pressure will be exerted on to you from the outside. Pressure from the outside is merely some assistance for us in order to reach out for our inner center too.

If one may regarded from the outside only it appears that some pressure originates from some basic illusion. The latter is to demonstrate only what is meant when such pressure from the outside is being defied to.

Standing up against some matter has nothing to do with fighting it but has a complete different purpose namely that pressure is only some reflection to some basic acknowledgement necessary to be defied at once on its first appearance since thus dissolution thereof may be possible.

Such pressure may and will disappear within some very short time as soon as your inner attitude towards it will undergo some change. Solely by changing the attitude on it will enable you to hit a snag and avoid this kind of sensation or perception. There is no other way to encounter such pressures in the very sense of it if there has not been any prior reorganization that pressure from the outside always will constitute some sort of lesson to learn.

Each and every emotion just alike the pertaining situation which life confronts us should be regarded as some „Game of Emotions“ directed by Spirit him/herself. Since „emotions“ are the most difficult matters to cope with here concerning human experience of learning more and more here on earth. Without any emotional features it would be much easier to master this incarnation and its pertaining experience of learning here as we permanently accompanied by those feelings.

Now it is actually fact that many human beings – when individually waking up – do recognize all the more that emotions are part of the illusion. Much more again : „All of us – human people – will become aware that Life is but a Cosmic Game which however has to be influenced by Spirit in its current running so that all necessary lessons may be gone through and thus some more learning is being enabled too.

Many of us will find it quite difficult to follow the inner sense of life however, it actually is some fact that everything we are experiencing here on earth are being influenced by many of our heavenly helpers in so far that any one experience to learn more here will be made possible in the first place.

If with such acknowledgement one enters the „Sparring Ring“ of Life, meeting his/her newly arising day with such awareness – one should also know that any time this illusion may be broken through and being left off entirely.

Who knows the film „Matrix“? Since this film is based exactly on alike lines that I am describing you here.

The main actor of the film wakes up and duly notes that he has been living in some illusion. Recognizing it he starts some research on this very fact – going down deep to basic origins of it – and accordingly is being severely fought by all those wishing that this illusion will not bounce off entirely.

You also may conclude that Spirit will do everything of assisting us in order to dissolve all Illusion which is here on Earth. It is his/her firm intention to give us all the assistance possible and to accompany us on this route.

Once we have learned and are prepared to do away with all left illusionary remains of it – then Spirit will let us make our final steps on our very own!  Spirit then will watch us – leaping – running with our hands raised up high towards our final goal and this will be „the momentum“ when illusion will leave us too.

We all want to leave such illusion – since this it is the very part which has brought us up to the point of Now. Once we have left all illusion – do you know what is waiting and in store for us all? It is Peace, Joy, Love and all further highly vibrating sensations which signify some highly evolutionary race. Thus will shall make our very final and last steps of our run and at this very ones we are thereby set FREE!

We shall be free – all of us – because we all mutually shall leave any illusion together.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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