06 – In the Beginning there was only Fire – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodWhat exactly has been written?  Was it Fire, Light or Word?

Considering it today this saying plays some key-role however it does not matter whether it was Fire, Word, or the light!

All-that-is originates from one and the same source and that is correct and right in every sense of it. Since everything is based on what is being told us about Genesis i.e. the History of Creation, which we all have gone through resp. experienced ourselves.

There have been added so many more and new aspects to the Genesis history so that Human Mankind has missed the chance to comprehend and integrate everything of it. Many a matter we unlearned, forgot or misplaced and estimated it as not valuable enough for some noteworthy consideration. Such misplacement of evaluation is being based on the very fact that many human people are under such a strong influence of society rules and do not care to establish their very own viewpoints and opinions.

We are being manipulated by religious beliefs, by our governments, by society rules and many other facts of influence so that we have lost our independence altogether. Now, I do not want throwing all and everything into one same pot which also would not be the right thing to do. There are still many human beings living out their very own style of life and placing their judgments solely on what seems to be important and right to them.

Neither do I want to express here that Religion, Governmental State, Society have brought about some bad matter only. Not in any case of it! Still I’d like to debate this topic and therefore ask you to make following considerations:

Where about is it – that you – as human beings – may have the liberty to decide upon your ways of life independently all by yourselves without any evaluating interference on part of some institution, some government or any corresponding society?

It will not be easy to find anything in order to explain that you may have the maximum degree of freedom to decide what to do or what to leave altogether. This too will not be possible in some highly developed society.

And thereby I mean – when we shall have ascended – and notably this should become actually a fact very soon – we shall have to found some new society. And it will be that kind of society based on new values and foundations in order to support and promote for us all an open-minded and peaceful mode of life in some co-operative sense of it.

This will entail a very long way to go and thereby we shall be assisted in some very energetic way. Many nations or races already having ascended may explain to us their models or kind of societies and thus demonstrate what has been led to full function and what not. These nations ascended still neither did not make it overnight. They made all their achievements over some certain time and made their mistakes too. They do want to help us in order to avoid us repeating their own mistakes again. Still they will always leave us to decide by ourselves since this is the highest Law to adhere to – whenever some higher evolved race or nation will offer assistance to and accompany nations of lower evolution which we are in this very case.

Everybody having tackled games like SIMCITY or similar ones will admit that it is not an easy task to establish some new structural society with all modern measures and pre-requisites up to its full functioning. It is quite difficult and much knowledge and experience is on demand hereby.

We do have everything of this kind already and have nevertheless to do everything again fresh from the start. No, this will not turn out as bad now still there can and must be some solution of this problem too i.e. „to start at Zero and having let go of all the old stuff – and thus in order to build up something brand new with all further development too.

All the old stuff was not bad nor evil. Many matters and experience too are to be influential even in our new form of society. They are part of our past and demonstrate that everything will turn out here much easier for us as long as we make use of all well-functioning parts, conceptions or attempts. Regarding all that which did not function well enough – these parts have to be developed again from scrap and turned over into some useful tools too.

Concluding now this short informative script of today I wanted to demonstrate to you what we have to cope with in case we shall have to build up some new society. All of us are taking part in this huge project since we all have to build up this new social community together at least we are allowed to do so. There will not be anything like some „Gold Rush Mood“ but there will be some sort of „Start-up-Feeling“ since we shall be given that great chance to erect something good and entirely new for all of us together.

Go delving into yourselves and reflect what it is that you may do as part of your contribution when right time has come and proves mature for it.

Do ask your soul – since it knows all about it. For several previous days, there were great amounts of information which were downloaded to all souls with regard to everything to come. Many souls have obtained such downloads necessary for further guidance of you in the right and optimum sense of it. Go down deep into your inner heart and make your inquiries there. You certainly will receive your response to them if you are prepared to accept and to integrate it accordingly.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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