05 – There where a rising day bids its welcome – miracles may happen too – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodAll days start for us when one is waking up – this I mentioned before already in a previous message. However you did not notice it in detail because the title led you „up the Garden Path“.

Now, why did I not choose that title so that everybody could adjust oneself to it resp. notice duly that there was some valuable read therein?

It is easy to respond to this very question. Do step forward – for only once – so that we may recognize that you are all set for it.

Never pass on any judgment whatsoever – and you will experience miracles. If you judge about some title – thus missing the contents of the script titled – you very consciously entered some cycle too. This very cycle is all about to recognize that estimating and valuing some matter or even human being may lead you to perhaps missing some great chance or even do so in time to come.

What do I mean here?

Now, start all from the beginning that I used to do so in a similar way – yet, in the meantime I learned to give everything some chance. However, in the meantime I have become aware of the fact that such methods may not be done all the way since in such case I should have spent all my daily life reading and should be left without any more spare time to cope with different matters too.

Now I want to share with you a little secret:

I have become aware of my heart and my soul too – since both they know best whether I have to read some script or leave it aside unread as it is. I now usually ask my heart and my soul and there is always a subsequent reply to my question. Please try to do the same and you will find resp. sense that your internal sensor will always give you according signals.

If you start training this method a little you will note that there is much more spare time left for you in order to lead a more purposefully structured daily life. It is not in the least your target to become some sort of a „Human Labour-Machine“ but that you devote your daily time with working on some useful projects which you feel are important to you.

„Now, what is next to come?“ you might think and I am telling you here: “ there is still much more what is in store for you with regard to more learning!“

We all came here to Gaia with the purpose of learning more. During the last millenias we were focused and concentrated ourselves to a certain manifested way and method of learning which – in the time in between has undergone changes too. Changes because society was given new basic possibilities – including technologies becoming more developed and yes – all of us too have been transformed and progressed in certain ways.

Still, there are most various matters which we have sort of unlearned too and this is what Spirit will submit to us with subsequent messages – be it in some channeled mode – be it via my very own writing or be it that you may be informed of it directly from your own guides or your HS.

All these pieces of information will serve to polish up matters which – basically are known to you but not any more being anchored in your consciousness – so that with this renewed acquisitions you may use them for your very own purposes.

And thus I mean that it is important whether you are being prepared and all set for it – by way of listening, reading and grasping it with your hearts and minds. Spirit will download to you solely everything which you may be able to digest. Spirit – never-ever – will overwhelm you in any way – for this is not possible because it is not purposeful.

Spirit does know you inside-out and therefore may adjust always to your present actual level of evolution. In case you proceed fast – Spirit will accordingly increase the velocity too. Are there some problems appearing with your comprehension and integrating the download of knowledge in such case Spirit will decrease the pertaining velocity in accordance to it. It always is the target of Spirit to give you everything that you may understand and integrate too. Everything else will be postponed to some later date of your life.

Thus I arrive already to the conclusion of this short message. Do you still recall what I mentioned in the beginning of this article up here? No? Please in which case go back again to it and make yourselves wise again – so that I may conclude my script here.

We just learned not to jump to judgments in a fast way – be it with human beings or in some particular situation.  We always arrive at some certain and fixed points when we catch ourselves again being „in the jump to rash judgments“ – some fact which we really should discard altogether. If you – instead of judging hastily – attempt to listen to your heart’s fine and delicate voice – you bet that you have chosen the better method instead of judging some situation, some contribution of any kind, or of any human being etc.

Please, rely on and trust your soul – your intuition – since they do know best always since they have only one sole target: „Finding the best possible way for all your activities and this in all spheres there are.“

You may not imagine anyhow and in any way how great and powerful you are if you become consciously aware what it is that your soul may do and achieve for you in every way. Be prepared to experience surprises – since with me there is some sort of surprising fresh miracle every day in which I may dive into with great amaze.

But this solely – because I agree to it very consciously and with all my trusting confidence that it is the very right way for me.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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