04 – With each and every new day starting – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodEach new day – experienced by you – is alike some new cycle starting afresh … And this very cycle starts always with the waking up in the morning and also comes to some final end with falling asleep in the evening.

Everything in our entire universe is imbedded in cycles. And all these cycles are combined to each other in such powerful interaction resulting that they rely largely on each other too. Reliance is in such sense that each cycle will depend on the very previous one. Now, I do not mean that if you awake in the morning this will influence decisively the cycle of the universe. Yet what I am convinced of is that it will supply some small part to it so that certain matters may be changed and influenced to go into some certain direction there too.

How and in what way may this piece of Information be transformed into some utilizable and processed function?

In order to respond to this question would entail that I should have to initiate you into one of the „Secrets of Universe“ and such doing is beyond me and my strength resp. I shall not be in some position to do so since all resources for it with myself are missing here.

And why do I write about this subject anyway?

Very simple it is – since all of us and thereby I really mean „All of Us“ we do have access to such knowledge.

Knowledge as such is always present, it prevails all around us and may be utilized always and from everywhere too. Many have heard about some universal or cosmic knowledge already. Other ones again have heard or read about it that all knowledge of human mankind has been stored and shared forever in the very heart of Gaia. And right they are …all of them, still it is not true that this has been stored at some certain fixed location but it is everywhere every time where human beings are located at some given moment.

For instance in case you are on the Moon – you will have access to it. Be it that you are in Inner Earth – likewise! Are you in some Form of Spirit and in some different dimension – you will have just the same access to it. It does not matter at all where about you are – it is your very intuition and your concentrated intention which will suffice and make such access available to you.

Until lately this kind of access – shall we name it for simplicity’s reason „Akasha Chronicle“ has been protected by special measures. Access was granted solely to those human beings who in their hearts had been prepared for it. Nobody else was able to enter it if not having the necessary pre-requisites to it and thus those beings were not put into a position of doing it. To explain this more in detail would entail too much ado here and not be of any great interest.

Still of far more of interest is actually that all human beings now are given access to it now. All of us have – on levels of their hearts – been granted access to it in order to call upon an information desired.  If you now query about how is that done … in such case you still are not prepared for it and set for it yet. If you, however, ascertain that since some while you have received pieces of information which impossibly may derive from yourselves, in such case you subconsciously have obtained access to this very „Akasha Chronicle“.

You will notice that within the next days to come you will obtain more and more of this kind of access. This will happen very naturally and there will be much more information coming to you in order to assist you and to incorporate it as some useful tool into your daily life.

However, there is some tiny restriction connected to it:

  • „Never make use of all dates and information achieved from there to your personal advantage!“
  • „Never make use of all dates and information achieved from there to your personal advantage!“
  • Thereby it is meant not to earn any money with such information!

Yes, there are human beings which by means of drawing information from the „Akasha Chronicle“ are earning their life and their maintenance but these people are especially picked out and chosen and they know about it. They know that they are being allowed to do so and are meant particularly to do it as well. To explain this further and describe it with some sparse passages here would be again some matter of impossibility.

What kind of change will be brought about when you are given this access to it?

Change will encompass everything!  Since with such access you will receive some tool to assist you for recognizing and discerning truth from lies! Everything you have read or learned – being taught also – has been stored up in this very „Akasha Chronicle“  –  believe me,  each and everything having been thought or felt by any human being – you will find it there ! Access is given to each and any information of All-there-Is as long as you are given the respective allowance to achieve it from there.

You are not able to enter into the Akasha Chronicle of someone else resp. to obtain access to it since such doings will not be permitted by the „Light Forces resp. Spirit“. In case you have obtained permittance from somebody else to make you access to his Akasha-Chronicle – all this is being carefully watched by Spirit in order to safeguard that you do not call upon some certain details which may turn out problematic in some sense or even influence the „life-contract“ or the particular route of that particular human being concerned. These matters are all of importance and have to be considered thereby since they may lead up to manifold problems which are not to be corrected by human man himself here on earth!

Now, let us conclude this announcement here! There will be more pieces of information in due course. Some will come through me or other channeled messages. More information will be conveyed to you in some very direct way without any more doing with it by myself. It is you again that you will be put into the same position like me just as I have done so for quite some while ago in order to supply you with all pertinent information. I myself have just made a bit the „pace-maker“ and now I shall start to introduce you step wisely in this very field … and eventually I shall retreat then into the 2nd line because you will not need me any more for it.

I myself – I am solely bridging the gap of transition in the meantime. And in such respect this my role of playing here in the Great Divine Game will eventually come to an end too and this will happen in a few months. At such point then my contracted task will find its very end since then you will be apt and able to do everything too what I have done so for you up to that very moment.

Thus my very part just like yours will alternate itself – will be transformed and then all of us will mutually proceed forward into some new Age. This New Age has already started now – because some new Day – some new Cycle – has already begun.

We are being united in our hearts and it is there where you will find me when in need for help. And still through and via this very text I shall be able to reach you too. You do not believe me? Try!  Just call me and I shall hear you.

And if you are prepared to as well – you may be called upon too. In such case I may benefit from you and this is what I have been doing all days long. I have been learning from you – from each of you – since I myself have to follow my very personal way onward – which I only can do with your highly estimated assistance.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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