03 – Transformation has been started – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodIf one notices that something is changing one queries oneself: „what does this entail and become?”  Thereby is nothing left than to sit down and try listening into one inner self and then make all attempts to manifest it in some way.

And what is to be done in case one is not able to manifest it anyhow and find oneself not capable to describe it even too? Well, then it will become quite difficult – my beloveds, as this is exactly what has happened to me since some previous days. Always again I try to ascertain what exactly has been the basic reason why I simply did not want to have some certain matters around me any longer – simply have not been able to feel about them as before or have not given any much considerations like before.

Now, after some while and reversal-conversation with my very own Soul, everything is getting much clearer and more perceivable. Again I am going through everything that was communicated to us in all messages before. I am perusing all matters messaged to us again and everything brought to us and laid as urgent matters to our very own hearts.

Is that the ascension now?

In such case I affirmatively say:“YES”, it is part of the so called ascension since each and every ascension always starts in One’s Own Inner Self.

Now, what does belong to ascension anyway and how may I be able to ascertain such an ascension?  Even this questions is not an easy one to be responded to. Since it is different for each and every human being. For every one of us all has to follow his/her own individual road with its own kind of experiences and these latter ones are what impregnate our road to ascension accordingly.

Have I ascended now or is it that I have „to keep on keeping“ as before?

Even this question may be responded to only and solely by myself – since it is left to each one of us to give this kind of answer.

It is not at all important if by now if you do not sense anything like this feeling of being ONE and UNITED – it does not play any role if you are not able to describe anything comparable in the time of now. Do you understand that „never – ever“ you are to compare yourself to anybody else too?  As we are all equally valuable regarded in the light and eye of our All-Creator – and still we are differing on grounds of our various experiences we had to go through and thereto are added all the lessons which we have planned to undergo by our soul contracts as media of learning more.

Such are these manifold parameters and particulars too so that we became so much differing from each other and due to this reason it is not purposeful to attempt any comparable solutions. Solely those – having perceived this – will acquire that special „Stillness of their Hearts“ and may trust that his/her time will come in due course.

Will I have gone soon and no-body will be able to see me any more when I have ascended?

This is the most thrilling question of all those at present which are running through my mind too. We all shall stay here and we shall make this „Leap of Ascension in a Quantum Momentum!”

This way which we call our very „Leap of Ascension“ will have nothing to do with any of us disappearing too although this has been communicated in such particular way in messages before. We all have to understand that the Realm of Light makes all attempts to describe to us in pictures what will happen then.

In such a way the Realm of Light creates some potential way which may expand itself along the Axis of Time (which is that of Zero: note by Translator). Such are the peculiarities of potentials which assist to realize certain matters in our reality or as they name it to manifest such matters.  From the prime origin of some concentrated thought reality will be created and from this subsequent reality follows the reality of our lives in accordance to it.

We all are on our way to mutually change this kind of our reality. At first every one for his-/herself and subsequently slowly together with all mutually for all the others too.

We have to understand that all and every change has to start always at first with the single each-one of us.  Solely if this has been gone through and experienced by each-one of us … it will be possible to expand expanding and extending into this very surrounding of that single human being concerned and then covering extensively all over the entire world. We all are some part of this reality and mutually we shall transform even all this very reality too.

If the ingenious Albert Einstein still was alive now he could have approached us with the following details.  „Reality is that part of existence which we all may perceive with our physical being.“ There are – however – realities which are not accessible to us now nor at least still now.

That is why we restrict ourselves solely to everything which we are able to see and perceive too. Albert Einstein today would be able to explain to human mankind that reality of today has ceased to be alike that one of his life-time altogether too.  He would have explained it in such a way that reality along the Axis of Time displaying all „our experience in-between-until-Now“  had been changed and transformed in such an extent  so that any comparison rendered to neither future nor past tense could be offered in any way.

Anyway, we do not may compare realities since each and every reality does constitute a certain experience in itself and thus subsequently may influence following realities as well as past ones. This is difficult for us to perceive and would have to entail so much more knowledge as basic pre-requisite for us in order to make it explainable for our type of understanding.

Not even the most ingenious scientists of this world will be able to make this explainable to us since it is their very pre-requisite that there is only one and only reality existing. However, with such one and only re-requisite we do restrict our spirit of mind and heart and that is the reason why we are not able to perceive any other reality at all!

With the Ascension to come and its expanded consciousness it will become clear to us too – and this will truly happen as if everything will truly and simply enter our minds  – that there are so many other realities according to our preparedness to believe it or even more to experience them too.

Our sort of reality will be influenced by us in some very direct way and thus solely by way of exerting our power of thinking.

Albert Einstein understood everything about it – but never could give any proof of it since human mankind would not have understood what he meant.  They would have looked at him in some unbelieving way or they would have ridiculed him all the way too.  In order to show you some parable to it:

„Try to explain to some primeval „Cave Inhabitant“ how Internet is functioning!“

Those people at that time only knew four terms: „to Eat – Sleep – Shit – and Live“ Please excuse me for this choice of my expressions, still there should be made the correct connection to what these people were at those times. They were human beings of a very much simple structure and with no other possibilities of expressing themselves.

Please do try to imagine yourselves into this very situation of such „Cave Inhabitants“. Now there are you and someone wants to explain to you the Internet and still now – as today – there will be some part of human people not being able to understand what it is about the Internet in its real essence.

How again could Albert Einstein describe and explain human mankind of his time the „Theory of Relativity“ or even differing realities and their possibilities entailed in there?  He only could explain his knowledge but in a rudimentary way since he disposed of some entirely different knowledge and understanding of existent matters than most of his fellow mankind.  Thus it made him being so much advanced in knowledge compared to other human beings and mankind was not prepared to follow his elucidations in any way. And such is the same with you when attempting to understand what the Internet is all about – although you are working and using it daily – you are not able to comprehend its real essence.

Do you realize all the contents in connection to yourselves and the state of your present consciousness?

Let us leave Einstein now and return to human mankind of the Now.  This very type of human being has grown considerable during previous years – expanding age of his life-time too – knows all the better what to take as nutrition – living more comfortably – and has contrived to position him-/herself beyond everything with subsequent control of it too.

Well now – not everything yet however control of many manifold matters! And still human people of today are so much restrained in their way of perception so that he may only perceive only one sole reality altogether.

And what does may be necessary to perceive more than only one reality?

To express it the easiest way:  “ Needed is only and solely the deepest and innermost insight that“ EVERYTHING IS SO AS IT IS“ and then everything will change and transformation really in all its sense will take place around the person concerned. All of a sudden one may experience simultaneously and at the same time of now more realities than only one. Just like with a remote control one may switch about between various realities in order to make some adequate and matching choice of them.

One decides then which one may be desirable enough to experience in actual life.

We are multi-dimensional beings and this we have been all along from our very origin. This is one of the many and various matters being implanted into our souls and might be called some „Privilege of Birthright“ belonging to us in order to exercise this and to go through the experience of it too.

With our decision to experience Duality and to forget all these matters we have discarded such knowledge and its pertaining possibilities. They are still here remaining with us and wait to be called upon. It is like being in possession of some wonderful technical gadget but one does not know about its existence and how to make use of it — in case one would know that it is still there on stand-by!

Let us conclude this our excursion into the change of consciousness – transforming reality and the alteration of each single human person here on Earth.

You and I – both of us will go through this kind of experience and mutually we shall overcome everything in due course. However, the great question is whether we all are prepared to share the belief that such events may be possible at all?

Still this sort of question will not be posed anyway in any sense anyhow during the next days to come.  And do you know why it is that way?

Very simple it is to respond to this question. You simply will recall everything and then there is the situation for all of us that one knows it is there and real and one just recalls the very pertaining „Instruction for Use“.  However, these instructions are so ample and of complex nature that it will take us years to research our true sizeable greatness and to discover all the angles of it too.

Do you now comprehend why „Awakening and Ascension“ both are signified as „Adventure“. They form part of „The Great Cosmic Game“ on the Planes of Spirit. They are playing with us and vice versa we do so with them. The only question still is: how long do we are let them go on playing with us  – or whether we are grasping the scepter for us and ourselves eventually – willing and capable of doing so in such a way ?

Even if you do not consent to everything said and written here by me – I do allow myself to tell you that this again will play no important part because it is you – yourselves – which will find the alike knowledge like I did which I did by opening up from my inner Self above here in this post.

You then will recognize that it is so cool to realize one is in the process of awakening slowly.

I myself did not wake up entirely and it will take me still some while until I have rubbed off the „Slumber of Forgetfulness from my Weary Eyes …“

Nevertheless I do know I am on my right way. The Road is the target in itself and this same target is before all our eyes now.  All our target is the Ascension and we?  WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT!

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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