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SoulFoodIf we want to follow our heart, the decisions become necessary. Decisions that seem a bit difficult at the beginning, because within a decision, we must always decide for or against something. At the same time we know that following a decision we may have to let go of people who are dear to us, but also fond of everyday things we say goodbye and must dismiss.

Such decisions are always a thing of the head one thinks, but this is not so. We humans want to solve matters of the heart with the head, because the head and/or the brain learned to look at things in such a way so that we can compare them with the already learned.

Now, it is the case, it is that not all things in life can be solved with the head, with the mind or be explained, because our brain on all questions cannot find an answer. Over and over again we experience situations in our life that we still have no experience because it is the first time. Since it is the first time we are being confronted with some situation of such kind – and because this is the very first time of being confronted with it – we are just left to listen to our „Gut-Feeling“ to our „Intuition“ or just simply to follow subsequently to the „Voice of our Heart“.

The heart is the alternate space for the soul. It takes the place of being some Deputy of our Soul. The soul represents the immortal part of a person with the aim that the person remains happy. Only the heart and the soul knows the necessary steps on the path to personal happiness.

Every now and then we get in life to a point where we have to decide. The soul wants to go for us another way, than the one we have gone so far. There are many indications the soul speaks it to us, sometimes there are feelings, emotions or just intuition, which would like to speak to one. If we learn to interpret the language and the signs of the soul and recognize that the soul speaks always the truth, because the soul wants always only one:

That MAN IS happy!

If we now come to crossroads or decisions must be taken which will have a big impact on our upcoming road, the thing does not become so easy of course, our people met at the head and on our experiences. This is basically not a bad thing, because in many similar situations, the person can solve the problem using his experience very much or helps identify a possible path for yourself.

However, we cannot solve all the challenges with the head and the experience, because for each situation do not meet us, experience nevertheless are present, which we can bring also in the play. Here it is to be consulted now importantly a further element. The soul or just the heart as deputy can make an important contribution in the momentum of the decision- of deciding an important contribution. With the help of the soul, we can combine experience and intuition and win some other decisive mark and add it up to assisting us in finding the right way of some possible solution.

In such a situation is attentive, even care of big use, because the dominance of the head, the brain will try us their way as the unmistakably best one.  Attentive awareness in such cases – even taking thorough precaution –  is quite advisable. Since it is the human brain and mind which will try in such a case to make us believe its very way may be the just the very best one. The brain in a person’s life plays a dominant role, because it so conditioned and is used to feed us with the known mental patterns.

The brain has won over all the time in the human dominance, which is not so easy to override. However, if we learn to take into consideration these two strong factors, we can use the brain to master the basics, but then it is important to indulge in the gut feeling, intuition, or just one’s heart adding even to project oneself even deeper down and still more into the situation  in order to find out how all dates elaborated in such ways may reflect their effects back to us.

With a trained heart and intuition we recognize that we can rely on any time on it that the way it is pointed by the heart to us, thus the soul shows us always the right thing.

It seems that the intuition, the gut feeling or heart feeling is always there and yet we have to train listening to the signals and detect them too. It is like a muscle that regularly needs to be trained, so that we can find confidence.

But until that happens, we need a little patience and optimism. For too long we have, just not knowing anything else, relied on our brains and only left the decision-making power to the brain.

Close is as follows from these statements and findings form as follows. Let us conclude now all these findings and resolutions as follow :

Those who recognize that the brain or the head is an important tool to master their daily life, have been using only a part of their ability to intervene. Who does also with his intuition, his gut feeling or the heart will recognize that the head and the brain has won an important partner to do so too. In this combination, the most important decisions we encounter in our lives, can be mastered without problems or taken.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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