01 – The Heart is the Deputy of the Soul – the cosmic messenger pigeon

SoulFoodMany esoteric and old traditional texts from the beginnings of the spiritual teachings refer to the heart as the deputy of the soul.

Where does this come from, how is this understood?

It is important to know that the name ’soul‘ is an old term, but only in recent decades used again by many humans. In former times this term reserved only to occultists, because only they knew what the soul is. If one goes back in history, even further, we see that other names assigned to the soul. According to religious background vary the terms. Any doctrine or religion had its own name designation of the immortal part that leaves the body after their death.

In the beginning, believed, in every religion, except Christianity, that the soul is the immortal part that can incarnate again and again to collect the diverse experiences for their growth. This knowledge was available to the Christian belief or faith only for a short time, because the Bible very early modified, to the extent that the doctrine of reincarnation eradicated from the “Holy Book“. The basis or the motives were very simple. It was about the fact ecclesiastical leaders told people, only one single life is given to them and that there would be nothing in between except heaven and hell/purgatory.

We must understand that in the early days of Esoterism there were people that who could not do anything with the concept of the soul and so introduced the concept of the heart as deputy of the soul, because the soul centered in the space of the physical heart. We must understand that the soul is larger many times than the physical heart. Actually is it so, the soul wraps the body completely and it is the smallest part.

Furthermore, it should be understood the soul is not a physical part that be measured and visible only at the quantum level. At the moment, humanity still owns no suitable devices around this energy (soul) to make it visible or measurable. Still, there are people who can see it with the naked eye at the quantum level i.e. The field around the physical body that the third eye can perceive. These people have a special gift to perceive these things and they can use this gift for a variety of things we do not want to explain in detail here.

It is also important to understand that the soul has actually a direct connection to the body. The soul at the quantum level has ethereal connections, which connects the physical body with the soul. Every human being has this connection and coined according to level of development.

People with one‚ big heart ‘ do not have automatically a strong connection with the soul. This strong connection between the physical body and the soul strengthened by the fact the person lives in harmony with itself and with the people. Depending on the level of development, other relationships or aspects happens strengthen this connection. As an example, the connection to the spiritual world, nature, Mother Earth, Gaia, and of course to itself.

To strengthen the links with your own soul, it does not take much. It needs attention, patience, love and mindfulness to All That Is. To work with these properties brings very quickly wonderful qualities to light, which are directly controlled by our soul. This new access to the Spirit or to itself can, if desired, and in the soul plan, strongly support clairaudience, clairvoyance, or telepathy.

I will compare this with a ladder in a library. The ladder placed on a bookshelf and we climb the ladder to bring down books. The higher the books stand in the shelve, the more demanding they are, so, it needs awareness and have the maturity level of our people to understand all contents of these books. In other words, someone with a ‚lower‘ level of consciousness will live in the lower shelves, because this information is adequate and understandable enough for their current state of consciousness. The further we evolve spiritually, the more knowledge made available to us, information which helps to improve substantially current life to ease.

Question why this knowledge is not available to us in the lower shelves is self-explanatory. We all learn first the lessons and obstacles of the lower consciousness level important for us. Only if the lessons and learning experiences of this level of consciousness understood and integrated, we can continue to climb up.

And further, we can go up, respectively. Climb the ladder.

Worth mentioning is the ’stairway to heaven‘ that the higher we climb up, the lessons and challenges will be more demanding.

Advanced souls know how and where they can call for support, because they are closely in contact with Spirit and being supported by the Beings of Light,

Without exception, every soul follows the same pattern. Their wish is the development and steady progress to a new level of consciousness. The human soul rises in a spiral-shaped higher and higher until arriving to source because this is their path and destination.

With this small explanation I would like to give a small introduction to this very complex and vast subject and would like to show you with this post, what is the soul and what holds the Deputy of the Heart to act.

… the cosmic messenger pigeon

Translated from German to English by Eva-Maria Holstein


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